Black and gold: How to keep it classy

When it comes to fashion, colour mixing is an interesting aspect and every woman should know how to go about it.

When it comes to fashion, colour mixing is an interesting aspect and every woman should know how to go about it. Knowing how to combine the colours of your attire and accessories helps bring out an elegant look.

To succeed in ‘mix and match’, you should know which colours blend well when mixed.

For instance, black and gold is trendy and has been for a long time. These colours are classy.

Jael Thaina Alonga, a designer and a boutique owner in Nyarutarama, says these two colours look great together and that one cannot go wrong if put together well. She says that wearing black and gold speaks volumes about one’s personality and the mood of the day.

“Who doesn’t want to look slimmer? Wearing black ensures that by giving your body a slimmer illusion. Add a touch of gold, such as a belt, watch, earrings, handbag or necklace to complete the stylish look,” she says.

Although not everyone is a fan of these colours, Alonga says trying it out will guarantee a fabulous look.

How to pull it off

Alonga says one colour should be dominant over the other. Letting black dominate and adding gold accessories is a sophisticated look.

“Do not add another colour, just these two; playing around with the two colours will work wonders,” she adds.

When one chooses to wear a gold dress, pants, top or even skirt, accessorising with black shoes is safe and will blend with whatever you have chosen to wear. With the same outfit, finish up the look with a black clutch. Opt for a small elegant clutch and not a big handbag.

She adds that one should go for simple jewellery, do not overdo it. For instance, if you wear a necklace, do not wear earrings. If opt for earrings, skip the necklace.


Black & Gold: Why we love it

Achieving high-def depth with brocade, foil, leaf, sequins and embossed surfaces, black-and-gold alters renaissance, hippie, Asian, and modernist influences in spectacular ways.


Let gold dominate. It’s more fun and flattering. Do not let any other colour come out to play with these two. No jewellery except for gold earrings. Find one knockout garment that will take you through the holiday and beyond.