If his Instagram post is anything to go by, Tanzanian superstar Diamond Platnumz might just be thinking of making Rwanda his home.
Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz

Is Diamond Platnumz relocating to Rwanda?

If his Instagram post is anything to go by, Tanzanian superstar Diamond Platnumz might just be thinking of making Rwanda his home.

This week, the singer took to his Instagram page and asked his fans in Rwanda to ‘advise him on great property he can buy in the country.’

He posted a picture indicating the view of Kigali’s iconic Kigali Convention Centre at night captioned, “I’m looking for property to buy in Kigali. My new home for the Simbas! My Rwandese fam, any ideas…?”

Word has it that the musician has actually thought about living in Rwanda before.


 KNC makes musical comeback

Local radio and television presenter, Charles Nkuriza Kakooza alias KNC has been on many people’s lips since he announced the release of his new song dubbed Heart Desire. The TV1 chief executive had spent years without doing music.

But with the new song, the gossip treadmill has it that KNC is actually continuing with his music career. However, over different social media platforms, a lot of people have advised him that he is better off sticking to television and radio.

Well, we are told that the self-proclaimed ‘music star’ is also planning an album launch and is thinking of bringing in South African legend, Yvonne Chaka Chaka. We will keep you posted.


Umuhoza says ‘yes’ to fiancé

Sharifah Umuhoza came in fourth, and was Miss Popularity, during the Miss Rwanda 2016 beauty pageant. But this is not what people are talking about, obviously.

We are told that the former Miss Rwanda contestant was recently engaged by a man only identified as Thierry. Snoops say that she said yes.

What is odd is that most people were under the impression that she was in a relationship with boy group Active’s Olvis Mugabo. When did that relationship end?

We are definitely listening out for anything.


Are ‘The Brothers’ reuniting?

The issue of Rwandan music groups parting ways is no longer shocking. A number of music groups have separated in the past and fans are perhaps tired.

But as we watch events unfold on the music scene, reunions are also in play. One group was Tuff Gangz, which in the recent past announced that it was reuniting.

We are now told that ‘The Brothers’, a group that separated a few years back, is also reuniting.

Danny Vumbi, a former member, posted on his Instagram page that there’s a time for every group to part ways, but there is also a time for them to get back together. The post attracted endless comments with people hoping they reunite.

The group featured Ziggy 55, Victory Fidele and Danny Vumbi.


Charly & Nina for European tour

They had a European tour last year when they were invited to perform alongside DJ Pius and Burundian singer Big Fizzo in the Netherlands, Belgium and Sweden. It seems 2018 is also going to be another great year for the duo.

Word has it that Charly and Nina are making preparations to head to Europe where they are expected to stage a couple of shows. News reaching us is that the girls will perform alongside legendary traditional music singer Abdul Makanyaga, and will feature Rwandan female DJ Princess Flor, who is based in Europe.

There are rumours that the duo might perform in Belgium, France, Switzerland and again, the Netherlands. It is not yet clear who is behind this deal, but it is certainly a great way to start the year.