Kagame promotes military, police officers

President Paul Kagame, in his capacity as Commander in Chief of Rwanda Defence Force (RDF), on Thursday promoted several officers, including generals, to different ranks.
Gen. Fred Ibingira.
Gen. Fred Ibingira.

President Paul Kagame, in his capacity as Commander in Chief of Rwanda Defence Force (RDF), on Thursday promoted several officers, including generals, to different ranks.

The President also elevated over 1,000 police officers to different ranks.

Among the promotions in the RDF include Chief of Staff Reserve Force, Lt Gen. Fred Ibingira, who was promoted to General, and Maj. Gen. Jacques Musemakweli, who was promoted to Lieutenant General.

Lt. Gen. Jacques Musemakweli.

Musemakweli is the Army Chief of Staff.

Kagame also promoted 12 brigadier generals to the rank of Major General, according to a statement from Lt. Col. Innocent Munyengango, the Defence and Military Spokesperson.

They include Charles Karamba (Chief of Staff, Airforce), Eric Murokore, Emmy Ruvusha, Emmanuel Bayingana and Joseph Nzabamwita.

Maj. Gen. Charles Karamba.

 Others are Andrew Kagame, Charles Rudakubana, Aloys Muganga, Ferdinand Safari, Albert Murasira, Jean-Jacques Laurent Mupenzi and Innocent Kabandana.

Also promoted are six colonels who are now brigadier generals. They are John Bosco Ngiruwonsanga, John Bosco Rutikanga, Vincent Nyakarundi, Francis Mutiganda, Fred Muziraguharara and Willy Rwagasana.

Fourteen lieutenant colonels were also elevated to the rank of colonel, while 68 officers were promoted from the rank of major to lieutenant colonel.

Seventy-nine officers moved up from the rank of captain to major, eleven officers were promoted from lieutenant to captain, while 457 second lieutenants moved up to lieutenant.

Several non-commissioned officers were also promoted in their respective categories, the statement added.

Women elevated

Meanwhile, in Rwanda National Police, three women are among the officers who were promoted to senior positions of leadership within the Force.

They include Deputy Police Spokesperson Lynder Nkuranga, Deputy Commissioner in charge of Community Policing Rose Muhisoni and Teddy Ruyenzi, set for deployment as Female Formed Police Unit Contingent Commander, South Sudan, who were all elevated to the rank of Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP).

ACP Lynder Nkuranga, Deputy Spokesperson
ACP Rose Muhisoni, Deputy Commissioner Community Policing
ACP Teddy Ruyenzi

The President promoted 10 Assistant Commissioners of Police (ACP) to the rank of Commissioner of Police (CP).

Notable among those promoted to CP include; Theos Badege, the Police spokesperson; Jean Marie Twagirayezu, who heads the Criminal Intelligence Department; and Dennis Basabose, the head of counter-terrorism in police.

Others are Rogers Rutikanga, the Regional Police Commander in the North; Vincent Sano, the head of Finance; William Kayitare, who heads Peace Support Operations; and Robert Niyonshuti, the principal staff officer in the office of the Inspector General of Police.

The other ACPs who were promoted to CP include Egide Ruzigamanzi, the acting head of Crime Intelligence; Rafiki Mujiji, the Deputy Commissioner for Traffic and Road Safety; and Faustin Ntirushwa, the Deputy Commandant of National Police College.

CP Faustin Ntirushwa, Deputy Commandant-National Police College.
CP Rafiki Mujiji, Deputy Commissioner for Traffic and Road Safety.

Kagame also promoted 31 officers from the rank of Chief Superintendent of Police to Assistant Commissioner of Police while 18 Senior Superintendents of Police were promoted to Chief Superintendent of Police.

Also, 43 Superintendent of Police were promoted to Senior Superintendent of Police, according to a statement from RNP.

Two Traffic Police officers, Alexis Murenzi and Joseph Karemangingo Kamanayo, were promoted to the rank of Assistant Inspector of Police (from Senior Sergeant), skipping one rank.

Meanwhile, the President retired 111 police officers, including two ACPs, among others.

CP Rogers Rutikanga, RPC North
CP Theos Badege, Commissioner for Public Relations, Media and Protocol, and RNP spokesperson
CP Denis Basabose, Commissioner for Counter Terrorism
CP Jean Marie Twagirayezu, Commissioner CID
CP Vincent Sano, Commissioner for Finance
CP William Kayitare, Commissioner for Peace Support Operations
CP Robert Niyonshuti, Principal Staff Officer
Egide Ruzigamanzi, Commissioner for Intelligence