Perhaps it is his hilarious stage name that changes like weather or his very entertaining performances, but there is something about Senderi International Hit.

Senderi upset about missing out on Guma Guma

Perhaps it is his hilarious stage name that changes like weather or his very entertaining performances, but there is something about Senderi International Hit.

The artiste has been quiet for some time now, and barely released any music last year. And sadly for him, this cost him a spot on the Primus Guma Guma Super Star stage – again - a concert he has strappingly been a part of.

We are told that Senderi is upset over missing out on the competition that brings together top musicians battling for Rwf24 million cash prize.

Even last year, he missed out. Organisers barred any one above 35 years of age to participate, something that did not go down well with the artiste.

Senderi previously slammed organisers for setting unrealistic standards, saying that music shouldn’t be about age, but experience and what one can deliver. Just this week, the artiste publicly shared a message on his Instagram account calling out Bralirwa and East African Promoters, the organisers of the competition, to let him participate this season.

Many musicians have expressed concern regarding the competition, claiming that it killed the music industry and that it should be about talent discovery that targets young musicians, rather than bringing already established musicians to compete.

What is Safi up to?

Some celebrities’ names are attached to gossip like moths are drawn to light. Even after holding a civil marriage, we have a sneaky feeling that Safi Madiba and his wife will not forget the year 2017, not any time soon at least.

While enjoying the sandy beaches of Zanzibar in celebration of his civil wedding to Judith Niyonizera, the couple faced the wrath of Safi’s ex, Parfine Umutesi, who insinuated that the artiste merely got married for money.

Before the dust settled on that saga, Niyonizera’s elderly ex-husband shared semi-nude photos of her claiming that she was a fraud. Then Safi shocked fans and the general public when he exited the group that shot him to fame, Urban Boys, which was arguably the biggest boy band in the country, after falling out with Nizzo, another member. With all this, it is easy to see why last year was not their year.

Word reaching our desk now is that the couple is spending some time apart. Niyonizera, who is based in Canada, is said to have some personal commitments there and will be focusing on that for now. As for Safi, no one knows what he will be up to. Perhaps he will be working on his solo career. We will definitely be on the lookout for anything.

The couple is also said to be planning for their official wedding scheduled for 2019.

Is P-Fla forming own music group?

There was speculation that former members of Tuff Gang were on the verge of a reunion after years of pursuing solo careers. But P-Fla, one of the former members of the group has other plans.

Word has it that the rapper is instead forming his own group, which we are told will start work soon. We are told that the new group, Quiet Money, will be comprised of Candy Moon Supply, an upcoming female rapper and Jay Pac, who has been doing music in the United States of America.

P-Fla was released from jail early December last year and he had announced to some local news platforms that he was ready to focus on promoting his music career.

The artiste was invited to perform at the East African Party on January 1, which brought together Tanzanian famous bongo flavor star Ali Kiba and Uganda’s female dancehall star, Sheebah Karungi.

Meanwhile, Bull Dogg, Jay Polly, Fireman and Green P have reunited and are forming a Tuff Gang’s music group. Word on the street it that they are eyeing the Primus Guma Guma competition.

 Kitoko ‘sneaks’ into the country

Rwandan UK based artiste, Kitoko, is said to have secretly come back to Rwanda a few days ago. The afro beat singer who is currently studying Political Science in England was in Rwanda last year for the election campaigns.

Word has it that Kitoko has spent a few days in his hometown of Nyanza and that he might have concluded his studies, although he has not shared anything publicly. We don’t have many details, but we shall keep you updated.

Diamond bags Rwf58 million in one show

Tanzania’s Diamond Platnumz is arguably one of the best performers we have in the East African region. Aside from showbiz, the artiste has also managed to keep tongues wagging with scandal after scandal.

On New Year’s Day, the singer performed at the Crayfish Camp in Naivasha, Kenya. The event is said to have attracted people from all walks of life.

Word, however, has it that the singer could have bagged around KES 7 million (approximately Rwf58 million) for his performance alone. It is also said that the singer and his team received first class treatment while in Naivasha.

This, however, does not come as a surprise since it is speculated that he charges $40,000 (approximately Rwf34 million) per performance.