Why research in health policy must be supported

Editor, RE: “Research is the way to go” (The New Times, December 25).


RE: “Research is the way to go” (The New Times, December 25).

It is very encouraging news about a grant for research in health policy being initiated, particularly by Rwanda Biomedical Center.

Not long ago, The New Times posted an article about an emerging Rwandan doctor/researcher who pointed out something very important while she addressed epidemiology – the study and analysis of disease in a particular population in order to control or treat the disease effectively.

She pointed out that due to lack of data, USA standards that are based on USA populations are widely used in Africa when addressing African diseases in particular, cancer and yet it has been found that our disease determinants or risk factors and cultural/environmental factors are unique to Africa.

Is any treatment based on these standards accurate, one might ask?

This is a fertile ground for research that require urgent attention. Bravo RBC!

Philippa Kibugu Decuir