Kali the young entrepreneur

In a small village called Bweje in the country of Jungu, there lived a father and a mother who had two children. The first born was called Kali and the second one Kamu.
Bayingana Kelly Ryan
Bayingana Kelly Ryan

In a small village called Bweje in the country of Jungu, there lived a father and a mother who had two children. The first born was called Kali and the second one Kamu. Kali was always one of the best in the class. Kali loved entrepreneurship and also succeeded in it more than his other class mates. Kali always had a dream of having a paper production factory which he had researched about since he was six years old.

After his senior six, he came out as the first in the country at 18 years. After his graduation his parents thought of giving him a gift of thirty cows, ten goats and five pigs to use in any business he had wanted to own. After his parents had given him all of that, he had an idea of selling all the cows, goats and pigs to buy machines that he could use in the paper production factory but first had to ask it to his parents, but his parents weren’t sure about it, but finally accepted.

The next day he called the neighbours and told them that he was going to sale his cows, goats and pigs and asked them the one who wanted to buy them. Different people bought his cows, goats and pigs. But still he couldn’t sale all the cows so he stayed with ten cows which he also used in a business of Milk supplier in restaurants which also brought in a big revenue.

One year after he had made a lot of money from the cows, goats, pigs, and the milk from the cows he started buying machines to use in his factory of paper production that he was going to start. But after he bought all the necessary machines, he asked himself where he was going to locate his business but he couldn’t find it so he went and asked to his parents then his parents told him that they had a big land which he could use for his business. Kali immediately hugged his parents and thanked them. Then Kali went and organised where he was going to put the machines then after called people to help him out by carrying the machines and putting them in the right place. The next day he went to cut some trees to bring to his home to start his Factory immediately. He got home earlier that he thought and started to make papers from trees. He took the trees and cut them into two pieces then their bark was removed to be cleaned and easy to make the papers by a machine. Then another machine cut the tree into small wood chips. Then after the small wood chips were mixed with water and cooked into a paste by another machine. Then another machine bleached the paste and added other chemicals to give the finished paper more strength.

Then the paste was flattened and the water was squeezed out and then the paste became a paper. The strips of the paper were cut into smaller sheets by another machine to produce blank papers. Kali had made a great job which gave him a lot of money. He continued to do his job very well at a point that he could make one hundred papers per day and sold them in schools, companies and shops. After he had a lot of revenue he started by employing 25 people to work in his factory. After five years he had already become a very successful entrepreneur who supplied a lot of papers, books in schools, companies and shops and stationeries.

Then After all of that then he bought a lot of cows to also continue the business of supplying milk that he had started before, to shops and Hotels. He became a very big supplier in a lot of companies and schools which helped him in helping children who had a poor background to go to school. He became popular and Rich and really made his parents, brother, community, and family proud.


Moral: Anytime you have a dream, never give up without fulfilling it. A dream always becomes true when you feel yourself capable.

The writer is an S4 student, Lycée La Colombiere School, Kigali