What are your plans for the festive season?

Christmas is around the corner and every year as people patiently wait for the big day, most make plans such as reuniting with family and travelling, while for others, it’s just a time for them to relax.

Christmas is around the corner and every year as people patiently wait for the big day, most make plans such as reuniting with family and travelling, while for others, it’s just a time for them to relax. Women Today’s Sharon Kantengwa talked to different women about their plans for the festive season.

Jemima Kakizi, visual artist/ fashion designer

As a Christian, I will be home with my family celebrating Jesus Christ’s birthday. I have come to realise that not all Christians celebrate Christmas, and also wondered why people who don’t believe in God celebrate it. It got me curious and I started to read about it then I realised that on Christmas day some celebrate yule and the winter solstice, while for others it is a time for giving, caring for others, and family gatherings. I need to read more to understand the essence of Christmas because it’s always good to do something or celebrate something you understand.


Eva Gara, businesswoman


Unlike in past years, this Christmas is going to be a simple one because some members of my family have ‘developed wings and flown away’. I am very happy that I will get to spend some quality time by myself but also sad because I will miss them.


Rita Nandala, entrepreneur


I will go to church, of course, and then, I will prepare a special meal for my family. As a tradition, Christmas has always been family time where we convene with my siblings, their children, some uncles and aunties and spend the entire day together sharing gifts and playing together. My whole day will basically be spent with family and, in the evening, I might go out.


Christine Iringaniza, human resource manager


I plan to visit some of the tourist destinations outside Kigali. My busy schedule has not allowed me to tour our beautiful country, but this will be the best time to learn about our country and to relax. I have already informed my friends and we have decided on a road trip to have fun during this festive season.


Axelle Umutesi, journalist


The festive season for me is about travelling and relaxing with family and friends. I haven’t been with my family in a long time because I have been caught up with so much work. So I am excited to travel and be with them, spend Christmas day with them and go to church with them, because Christmas is a big tradition in my family. I will then get to spend time with my friends and family over New Year’s.


Ange Umulisa, event host


I plan to make a memorable holiday for my son this Christmas. He is finally old enough to appreciate things so my husband and I are going to make it as fun and as colorful as possible for him.


Ann Uwase, banker

For this year’s Christmas, I am hoping to go check on my siblings in Uganda. I prefer being with my relatives on this special day because I consider it family time. This will be an opportunity to unwind and also for us to hang out because we spend a while without seeing each other.


Doreen Umwali, businesswoman


My plans are not big. Every Christmas, I always go to my mother’s house with my sons to celebrate with my parents and siblings. Cooking is one of my favourite hobbies and, therefore, it will be an opportunity to cook for everyone who will be present.


Creamrose Mutoni, student


Christmas is my birth date, which means two celebrations for my family. I will be travelling early enough to spend more time with family and since I come from a Christian family, we will dedicate good time to prayers. I also plan to use this time to visit friends and relatives that I haven’t seen in a long time.


Divine Iradukunda (DJ Ira)


Christmas will be a Monday and luckily for me I do not go to work on Mondays. It will be an opportunity for me to go for Mass to pray with my family, something I haven’t done in a long time due to my busy schedule and nature of work.


Amy Sugira, IT specialist


This year will be special. I am working on improving my philanthropic work and, therefore, I will visit hospitals and other charity homes to offer gifts and words of encouragement to these people. After all, this is what Christmas is about; love, giving and sharing.


Ange Ingabire, entrepreneur


I personally do not have anything special planned for the day. I will just spend time with my family and friends this festive season like I have always done in past years.