BK unveils Platinum Visa Credit Card with travel and shopping discounts

Bank of Kigali has released a Visa Platinum Credit Card targeting customers with high-income and spending power.
Diane Karusisi, Bank of Kigali CEO (L), speaks during the event. / Courtesy
Diane Karusisi, Bank of Kigali CEO (L), speaks during the event. / Courtesy

Bank of Kigali has released the BK Visa Platinum Credit Card targeting customers with high-income and spending power.

Released at a colorful cocktail event Friday night, in Kigali, the Platinum Credit Card, is more than just a card as it is also designed to work as a membership pass for subscribers to the lender’s Premier Banking service, according to Vincent Gatete, BK’s Chief Commercial Officer.

With about 600 subscribers, Premier Banking is Bank of Kigali’s enhanced range of services that are offered on current accounts with premium features and exclusive access to benefits such as dedicated client relationship managers and free space for executive business meetings.

The new BK Platinum Credit Card features the Kigali Convention Centre.

The lender has four specific profiles for its Premier Banking Service including Elite-VIP for senior government officials such as ministers and senators; Elite-Plus for CEOs, business owners, and diplomats, Elite-Global targeting customers in diaspora and Elite-Flex for Walk-in-clients.

With the new Platinum Credit Card, BK’s Premier Banking subscribers who will acquire the card, shall enjoy enhanced benefits at home and away, including discounts on shopping and dining at some of Kigali’s high-end hotels and malls.

Early acquirers of the new Premier Platinum Credit Card will also enjoy an incredible offer courtesy of a partnership with RwandAir, where Premier Banking clients get a free ticket for one travel companion, whenever they buy business class tickets to fly with the national carrier.

The range of perks on the Premier Platinum Credit Card will keep growing as the bank enters into more partnerships with various service providers hence offering card holders an exclusive experience that extends beyond just banking services.

Subscribers to BK’s Premier Banking service whose dedicated branch is located at Kigali Heights, pay a monthly fee of Rwf23000 to renew their membership.

Apart from the new Platinum Credit Card, Bank of Kigali also offers Gold Credit Card for mostly middle-income earners as well as Classic Credit Cards for low income earners. In 2018, the bank plans to introduce reward programmes on each of the credit card products to benefit all customers.

“As a bank, our customers, naturally, fall in different segments, this means they have different needs and that is what guides our product development decisions,” said BK CEO, Diane Karusisi.

She added that the bank is committed to developing products that respond, with the aim to satisfy service needs and expectations of customers in all segments.

Credit cards are a major source of revenue streams for commercial banks and the platinum credit card which target wealthy customers with high net worth, comes with inbuilt reward programmes that enable cardholders to earn exclusive benefits depending on how much they spend.

The release of the Premier Platinum Credit Card was preceded by a special golf tournament organised by the Kigali Golfers’ Association in honour of a long history of collaboration with Bank of Kigali. The usually dowdy Kigali Golf Club was alive on the launch night as live band music entertained guests who turned up in full force.

Bank of Kigali executives led by CEO Diane Karusisi freely interacted with guests until past midnight. They also handed out trophies to star performers in the honorary BK-Golf tournament.

Star performers in the honorary BK-Golf tournament pose with their trophies. / Courtesy
Some of the BK Executives follow proceedings at the BK Platinum Credit Card Launch.