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RPF at 30: Rwandans have their say

As the RPF celebrates 30 years and lays strategies for the future, The New Times’s Fredrick Byumvuhore conducted a Vox-pop where he asked Rwandans to share their views on what they would like see as priority in the coming years.

Celestin Nsigaye, A security guard

A lot has changed. Ahead of vision 2020, the country has progressed. But, in the coming 30 years, I wish to see all citizens are economically empowered.


Also, there is a gap in public servants’ salaries which should be bridged.


I wish to see no one classified in first Ubudehe category. All small business startups should be empowered. Rwanda will be a much better country in 2040 if access to finance is made easier especially for startups.



Dieudonne Mbonigaba, Entrepreneur

I envision expanded roads to end the problem of traffic jamespecially in the city. I would also like to see more factories producing more locally made products and having the entire population accessing clean water and electricity.

Dream of a country with competitive experts in all domains competing with the very best across the world.



Protogene Benimana: A motorcyclist

Since the majority of people in the country a farmers, the sector should get more financing.

Despite of challenges farmers face today, it will better if every farmer is proud of their farming activities which will also impact the economy of the country and make people self-reliant.

Fertilizers should be delivered to the farmers to increase the production.

I wish to see food security in the country and also local farmers supplying hotels, restaurants.


Jean Claude Uwimana, Cleaner

A large number of youth are educated but cannot find jobs. Technical courses can have a great impact in reducing unemployment among the youth.

So, anyone who wishes to join technical school should be supported to get school fees because some private schools are so expensive. I wish t0 see more youth join TVET schools.


Eric Niyonkuru

Eric Niyonkuru: Builder

The country will keep on progressing if all people embrace work. Everyone, young and old, should join hand to develop the country. Though some of the youth tried to create their own jobs, they should be encouraged to work in synergies.

Also,the youth could be helped to come together depending on what they studied from the schools. This will help the country shine for the next 30 years.


Aimable Mugwaneza: Carpenter

In the next 30 years, I wish to see a country that sustains itself. Security is the backbone of development and I wish the RPF leadership consolidates it.

I would like people, especially artisans like me, to join cooperatives and deeply entrench the culture of saving.



Uwamariya Drocella, Farmer

In coming years, I wish all Rwandans become literate, with improved infrastructures like roads.


Pacifique Cyinzigire: Tailor

I wish to see the country with sustained stable security and ensure that families are living in harmony. Rwanda should be a nation with zero violence against women and children or any human right violation.

I want a country that is characterized by gender equality at the highest level.

Through civic education, citizens should be trained to be supportive to government programmes.



Bienvenue Nkunda: Student, MBA at the University of Rwanda

I want a Rwanda that is self-reliant where citizens focus on increasing productivity and value addition in whatever they do.

This way, farmers will be able to gain more from their produce by not only supplying the local market, but also exporting their crops.

The country should be efficient in public fund management, having more professionals in various domains that are competent. I want our country to continue exporting peacekeepers beyond the African continent.

I also want our government to stay the course on the continued quest to ease doing business to make our country attractive to investors, who will create more employment opportunities.



Mukasakindi Cecile, Farmer

I wish the country to protect and sustain the achievements made so far.More efforts should be invested in improving people’s living conditions.

Construction of more roads, expanding electricity reach to rural areas and clean water supply.


Munyemana Fred, Casual labourer

I want to see Rwanda as the centre of ICT in Africa and that all people are equipped with computer skills to help them benefit from the technology by interacting with other people worldwide.

Due to the advancement of technology, internet connection should be expanded to all parts of the country especially the areas that bring many people together like markets, hospitals, bus stations among others.



Nyirayoboka Monique, Trader

In coming years, the country should become more self-reliant. In twenty years ahead, I want to see Rwandan export more to the international market.

I think in 20 years, there will be health insurance that is international. It will be better if all families benefit from one cow per family program.

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