Many times, artistes take on new projects out of their comfort zone to build their profile, and possibly, gain more followers.
Jay Polly
Jay Polly

Jay Polly’s gospel plans exposed

Many times, artistes take on new projects out of their comfort zone to build their profile, and possibly, gain more followers.

Jay Polly, real name Joshua Tuyishime, previously disclosed that he was planning on taking a break

from secular music to try out gospel. Fans were ecstatic, and the decision earned him more followers from the gospel camp that originally didn’t care for his kind of music.

Snoops tell us that the rapper, and Primus Guma Guma Super Star season four winner, ‘played’ people with promises of gospel tracks and becoming a Born-Again Christian. It is said that the artiste went as far as getting baptised just to prove a point.

According to sources, the artiste was merely trying to get more fans, and that people should not get too excited about a gospel track from him just yet. Is this true? Time will tell.


P-Fla out of prison

Rappers, especially on the international scene, are known for many things, most of which are notorious. For example, as read in tabloids and other news outlets, many of them have turned jail cells into regular dwellings.

In Rwanda, some artistes have found themselves on the wrong side of the law, in most cases over drug abuse.

A few days ago, rapper P-Fla was released from Mageragere Prison after serving a one year sentence. The star was jailed last year over drug use, specifically heroine.

You’d think that his release is what has everyone buzzing, however, people are amazed by the current pictures taken of the rapper which have been shared all over the Internet.

The once ill-looking artiste now seems to have gained some weight and holds a much healthier appearance. It looks like his time in jail gave him the rehabilitation he desperately needed.

We are also told that he is already talking about working on some of the ‘art’ that he put together while he was incarcerated and so fans should wait for new tracks.

Prior to serving this one year sentence, he was jailed over drug abuse some time back.Will the artiste finally get his life together?

We wish him all the best and hope that he focuses on his music career.


Vera Sidika set to undergo new cosmetic surgery

Some time back social media personality Vera Sidika broke the Internet after she revealed she had spent a fortune to bleach her entire body and was all over the news. She was still not satisfied, so later she decided to get breast implants which she later regretted.

“Still, I am not proud of that decision anymore. Today, I regret the boob job. In fact, I even want to get rid of them, all of you ladies rushing to Miami for surgery should learn to love yourselves. If you must, Miami is not the place. Hustle harder and go to Beverly Hills,” said Sidika.

She has now revealed that she is planning to go to the US in 2018 and undergo a procedure that will make her teeth ‘shine brighter than a hater’s future’.

“2018 new teeth loading. Beverly Hills got the best dentists. Quite expensive but worth it. My teeth about to be brighter than hater’s future,” wrote Vera Sidika.


Ama-G the Black off the shelf

Singer and song writer Ama-G the Black has been making news over the years, and his most popular story was the not so far back breakup with his girlfriend, Rosine, with whom he sired a son. It is said that the rapper was planning on marrying her, but things went south for the couple.

Without delay, the artiste moved on to one Lilliane Uwase, despite public criticism concerning his love life. Before people could figure out the situation, he surprised everyone with the birth of his daughter in July.

Now engaged, we are told that close friends of the rapper’s fiancée will host a bridal shower for her as she awaits her big day. We are also told that the wedding will take place before the end of the year. Sources say that the wedding will take place on Christmas Eve and that all functions will take place in Kigali.


Diamond Platnumz releases “Waka” with Rick Ross

Tanzanian superstar Diamond Platnumz is on a roll this month after releasing three massive songs in a span of two weeks with his latest being with American rapper Rick Ross. The new song called Waka is definitely a club banger with a very catchy tune. Diamond and Rick Ross did not shy away from mentioning that they are both ‘Black Bottle Boys’ meaning they have been paid millions to promote premium liquor brand Luc Belaire.

The video was shot in Miami, Florida when the two linked up back in October and it is filled with a number of scantily clad women just like it is with most of Rick Ross’ videos.