Perhaps not many of you know that RnB singer Meddy has been in a secret relationship with an Ethiopian belle.

Is singer Meddy breaking up with secret lover?

Perhaps not many of you know that RnB singer Meddy has been in a secret relationship with an Ethiopian belle.

Although the Rwandan US-based singer has always denied rumours about this relationship, close sources say that the singer has been dating an Ethiopian native for some time now, who they say featured in the singer’s Burinde bucya video clip.

In fact, for those who have been closely following the singer on Instagram you may have spotted the singer posting the lady on his account several times.

Word has it that all this could be ending, after the singer deleted all the lady’s pictures and videos from his Instagram account. We are yet to establish what could have caused this act but will keep our ears on the ground.


Is Miss Shimwa the new kid on the block?

It looks like former Miss Rwanda 2017 contestant Guelda Shimwa is trying out a completely different career.

The young lady recently made a debut appearance on stage during the official album launch of Charly and Nina which took place at Kigali Exhibition and Conference Village, commonly known a Camp Kigali. She surprised us with renditions of legendary singer Cecile Kayirebwa.

Just as everyone was thinking it all stopped with Miss Rwanda, the queen looks to joining a different career! Judging from her performance it was easy to tell that she is actually talented.

Well, we are told that Shimwa is entering the music industry. She’s the new kid on the block who wants to pursue traditional music genre commonly as Gakondo. We wish her the best.


Humble Jizzo, fiancé plan for US holiday

Humble Jizzo and his fiancée Amy Blauman are planning to spend the festive season in the USA as they await the arrival of their first baby. Blauman is expected to deliver early next year. Singer Humble Jizzo, who is Blauman’s long-time fiancé, is set to travel to the US with her.

Blauman told friends that her fiancé will be spending the rest of the year by her side back home in the United States. She posted on her Facebook that the two are officially booked to fly home for Christmas and that her due date is in February.

We wish them the best.


Rapper Gisa Cy’Inganzo ‘turns jail into his home’

Local rap music star James Gisa, popularly known as Gisa Cy’Inganzo is one of the musicians who have battled drug abuse addiction for so long. It is hard to imagine which prison he has not been to.

We are told that the singer who is known for songs like Rumbiya, Uruyenzi, and Genda ubabwire was recently taken to jail again over drug abuse, hardly two months after being released from prison over the same offence.

The artiste has been in-and-out of police custody several times over other crimes including drug abuse. The gossip mill’s latest spin is that the artiste is currently at Mageragere Prison.

We are keeping our eye on this.


Wema Sepetu’s political revelation infuriates fans

Some of Wema Sepetu’s fans are furious after she revealed that she had joined Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM). The former Miss Tanzania, model and actress announced that she had ditched the opposition party Chadema and joined President John Magufuli’s ruling CCM party.

Her ‘announcement’ on Instagram immediately drew sharp reactions as her fans scrambled to put the ones and twos together over her decision to jump ship.

Furious fans bashed Ms Sepetu for her sudden shift to the ruling party accusing her of abandoning the party despite benefiting immensely from the opposition outfit. Some of her fans did not take the move lightly considering reports that one of Sepetu’s uncles was holding a parliamentary seat after winning his election under a Chadema ticket.

It all started on Instagram after the former Miss Tanzania posted that she was not in ‘peace’ and had decided to ‘go back home.’

“I can’t continue living in a house that does not give me peace. Peace of mind is everything for me... Natangaza Rasmi kuondoka Chadema na Kurudi Nyumbani,” she posted. Her choice of attire in the accompanying photo told it all. She wore CMM colours complete with its flag in her hand.