Ever since Vanessa Raissa Uwase hit our TV screens as the Miss Rwanda 2015 first runner up, she has done everything to keep relevant as a socialite

Uwase quits hard partying lifestyle

Ever since Vanessa Raissa Uwase hit our TV screens as the Miss Rwanda 2015 first runner up, she has done everything to keep relevant as a socialite. On Instagram where she has close to 350,000 followers, Vanessa has not been shy to show the world what a party girl she is for the last two years, but it seems that she has had enough.

The young beauty, who is a regular sidekick to fellow socialite Teta Sandra, is said to be quitting anything related to partying. While some are calling it a publicity stunt, Vanessa is trying to rebrand herself.

She took to her Instagram page to announce that she was quitting alcohol permanently and that henceforth, she will not be involved in any activity regarding events organising. Everything has a beginning and an end; could this be the beginning of a new Vanessa? We are definitely curious.

Has ‘Lick Lick’ moved on?

Drama between US-based Rwandan producer ‘Lick Lick’ and rapper Paccy ruled social circles a few years back but that seems to slowly be becoming something from the past.

We now hear that four years after moving to the US and even trying to reconcile with Paccy and failing, the producer may be moving on. Using his social media platforms, ‘Lick Lick’ posted photos of a young lady identified as Adaella Campbell.

No captions were provided though rumours straight from the US say that these two could now be officially in love, after having met a few months ago. We are keeping an eye on these ones.

Social Mula dedicates birthday to son

Singer Social Mula may have just turned 25 but unlike most people his age, he did not celebrate with just food and partying. He used the opportunity to reflect on his life, sending thank you messages to his parents and dedicating the day to his son.

Social Mula, who is one of the most talented upcoming singers, is rumoured to have done a complete overhaul of his life when he became a father in early August.

He said that while he is happy to be alive, he is also grateful that this is the first birthday that he gets to celebrate as a father. We can only wish him luck on this journey.

Court set to give verdict on Gahongayire’s divorce application

Gospel singer Aline Gahongayire and her ex-husband Gabriel Gahima have been seeking divorce for over one year and it seems that the day is finally coming.

Gahima filed the divorce papers towards the end of last year and though courts intervened hoping for a possibility of reconciliation, the former couple has been adamant that they wished to move separate ways.

We are now told that the final decision about the couple’s request will be announced on November 28, something that many consider an early Christmas gift for Gahongayire. The singer has previously said that the marriage failed because the two “just couldn’t agree” on some matters. We wish both of them the best.

Did Safi take over Urban Boys’ YouTube page?

Safi Madiba has had the most dramatic last quarter of the year but from the look of things, it seems that he is not yet done keeping us entertained. After he dumped his divorcee ex-girlfriend and promptly married another divorcee by the names of Judith Niyonizeye, Safi last week announced that he was quitting Urban Boys and taking on a solo career.

Safi’s value to the group was evident in the tears that drenched his former teammate, Humble, as he tried to explain that there had been serious issues within the group for a while but splitting was unexpected.

Humble Gizzo claimed that Safi had changed the group’s official YouTube channel and renamed it after himself, and called the move “theft.” It looks like we are not hearing the last of Safi. We will keep you posted.



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