Ministry of Youth in talent search

The Ministry of Youth is set to launch a talent search competition to spot youngsters who can be helped to hone their talents through deliberate policy.

The Ministry of Youth is set to launch a talent search competition to spot youngsters who can be helped to hone their talents through deliberate policy.

The search will be done through an initiative dubbed, “Youth Connect Festival,” where the ministry, in collaboration with National Youth Council, will organise events countrywide to enable youngsters to showcase their potential.

Youth minister Rosemary Mbabazi announced this on Friday during the signing of 2017/18 performance contracts for national and district youth coordinators and vice-mayors countrywide.

The event featured discussions on challenges facing the youth, presentation of outcomes of last year’s performance contracts, and recognising best performing districts and youth centres.

Emmanuel Bigenimana, the permanent secretary at the Ministry of Youth, said the youth in rural areas still face a challenge of poor access to technology.

“We are living in a technological era. Most businesses are done online. Most successful young entrepreneurs run their businesses online but youth in rural areas do not have enough access to technology, yet majority live there,” he said.

Bigenimana underscored the need for mentorship and empowerment of the youth, adding that the country’s future lies on young generation.

Youth coordinators committed to conduct regular discussions with youth in villages and organise cultural, entertainment, and sports events to create friendly relations among themselves, sensitise them on unwanted pregnancies, drug abuse, and the importance of savings.

Releasing 2016/2017 performance outcomes for youth centres, the National Youth Council reported that 300 cooperatives and 2,148 saving groups were created countrywide. Out of 32 youth centres countrywide, only 28 have implemented performance contracts.

Minister Mbabazi, said the Government has demonstrated confidence in the youth by allocating them a ministry.

“The Government values the potential of youth in the development of the country. The country does whatever it can to empower, and mentor youth as present and future human resource,” she said.

Mbabazi reminded the youth to have positive characters, espouse patriotism and hard work.

During the signing ceremony in Kigali, the ministry recognised three best performing districts in the implementation of youth performance contracts for the fiscal year 2016/17.

Clarisse Uwanyirigira, the National Youth Council coordinator, said three sectors of economic development, social affairs and good governance were the benchmarks in evaluation.

Kamonyi District, for the second time, emerged the best with 89.2 per cent, Ngoma second with 88 per cent, and Nyamasheke third with 86.5 per cent.

The worst performing districts were Nyanza, with 57.8 per cent, Rutsiro at 60.3 per cent, and Nyabihu 61.6 per cent.

Ernest Kamanzi, the National Youth Council coordinator for Kamonyi District, said they were able to maintain the lead due to team work, and youth engagement in development activities.