Children talk about their personal abilities and aspirations

Nadine Iradukunda

Apart from being among the best students in our class academically, I’m also a good artist. I’m a creative painter and I have over 10 well-drawn and coloured paintings in my name. I want to become a professional artist in future so that I do what I love full-time.

Nadine Iradukunda, 9 years



Revia Irabizi

At school I’m well known for my reading skills, which has turned me into a good story teller. My fellow children enjoy my company mainly because they always wish to hear one of my stories. This has increased my interest for reading, and it has also equipped me with different skills and experiences.


Revia Irabizi, 12 years old


Nadine Uwajeneza

Singing has always been my hobby, and my colleagues keep telling me that I possess a big singing talent, which I believe I’m yet to discover. I enjoy it, and my friends like it when I sing for them. I believe that’s what I’m good at.

Nadine Uwajeneza, 14 years


Jibril Mugisha

I’m a passionate football player, and I hope to pursue a career in soccer in future. My team-mates and coach have endorsed my skills and great passion for football, and I have no doubt that’s what I’m good at.

Jibril Mugisha, 13 years old

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