Why we must be creative in our everyday life. Pupils share their views

Clark Shimwe

I believe being creative empowers a person to be more hardworking, ambitious and focused in their daily routine. As a student it makes you think of better ways to excel in your studies. In other words, it opens your mind to new ideas and this in return increases one’s achievements.

Clark Shimwe, 12 years old



Emma Niyosenga

Creativity promotes intelligent thinking thus opening a student’s mind to several productive concepts and ideas and this eventually makes an individual more ambitious and talented. As a student, it makes you feel you want to accomplish more.


Emma Niyosenga, 10 years old



Our teacher told us that being creative gives you an opportunity to think quickly and find better solutions to problems.  Besides, it enables us to do what we think is right and fruitful for us. It also help you to value time and the people around you.

Pacifique Maniragaba, 10 years old 



Creativity builds self-confidence in a student and makes one value your work and ideas. It also encourages you to be more passionate in what you are doing, and empowers you to excel both in your academic and social lives.

Joy Nsabimana, 10 years old

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