I passed by a bar

Near my granny’s house


Then I saw two men


Talking about their spouses, divorces, desires and how they’ve retired from their jobs.


Of course I was on my way to the nearby boutique

To buy sugar and honey for my granny but it’s funny how I got stuck to hear their conversation

The man with a few grey hairs surrounding the bold Patch on his head sitting in the chair

Started reminiscing about his daughter

“Yes, I remember it like it was yesterday

Holding her in my arms

Telling my neighbours that my life will never be same

But what irritates me most is that as she grew

She started developing a habit of smoking, drinking and having sex with every man in the hood

Whenever I told her she was on the loose

She told me I was a fool, so I kept it cool.

Do you know the aftermath of all this?

We found she was HIV positive and because of depression and not taking medicine

Last month we buried her

But what breaks my heart most is that she was the only child

I know this is hard to understand and so sad to comprehend isn’t brother?”

Yeah, Sorry for the loss brother.

“What happened to me, can also happen to you brother

Take care and talk to your children about their maturity and don’t prison them with your commands

Instead try to understand them

Children and parents need to help and understand each other for a better family”.


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