Your feedback: Edina suspects her husband of flirting with the help

Some men do that but I believe that it should not in any way be the reason for a broken marriage.
Vanessa Gahongayire
Vanessa Gahongayire
Jackeline Umutoniwase 

Jackeline Umutoniwase, Tailor

Get a male house help


Some men do that but I believe that it should not in any way be the reason for a broken marriage.


I know it’s hard to deal with a ‘cheating’ husband, or in this case, an alleged cheat, but it’s good that you know about his habit.


I think it would be wise to start hiring male house helps instead, I’m sure this will put an end to his vice.


Irene Mbabazi 

Irene Mbabazi, Student

Confront your husband

Ask the maid to tell you what happened between her and your husband, preferably around him, that way, it will be hard for him to deny the allegations and it will be easy to confront him and seek a solution.

Ignoring what is going on in your house will only bring you more trouble.


Nestor Niyitegeka

Nestor Niyitegeka, Teacher

Fight for your marriage

Your marriage is definitely worth fighting for. Talk to your man and ask him to quit the habit. If this persists, resort to hiring a middle-aged woman instead.

You cannot afford to lose your marriage or, let your husband humiliate himself.


Gilbert Gatsinzi 

Gilbert Gatsinzi, Parent

Seek professional help

If you respect your marriage, you need to confront him and ask him why he has been misbehaving right under your nose.

Now that you have testimony from a different girl, it’s highly likely the first one was telling the truth.

Talk to counsellors so that you save your marriage before it’s too late. 


Vanessa Gahongayire, Mother

Do some self-evaluation

Your husband is not only a liar, but a cheat too.

You need to find out if this is habitual or there is something you lack that pushes him to the maids.

Talk to him and let him be open with you. You can fix this and probably give him another chance for the sake of your marriage.

If it doesn’t work, then you need to leave. 

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