Presidential Elections: The pride of the Rwandan choice

I have had the honour, like other cadres of RPF Inkotanyi, of attending campaign rallies organised by the RPF to support its flag bearer, President Paul Kagame.

I have had the honour, like other cadres of RPF Inkotanyi, of attending campaign rallies organised by the RPF to support its flag bearer, President Paul Kagame.

The campaigns started on July 14, 2017 and will run through August 3, 2017 – the eve of the general election.


The RPF rallies are nothing short of celebration. The unprecedented size of the crowds and the high spirits of the cheering supporters throughout the rally is quite something.


In addition to the festive atmosphere that has characterised the rallies, I have witnessed at least four other impressive moments to write home about.


Most people, especially the adults present at the rallies, have two stories to tell. A sad one that recounts the pre-1994 period. And, the wonderful experience under the tenure of the RPF and its chairman, Paul Kagame.

Then, there are the reassuring and encouraging testimonies by ordinary citizens who take to the stage to share their individual successes under the leadership of the RPF.

And, my last observation is the candidate’s attachment to the people. He will dance with them, embrace them and, most importantly, listen to them all – the elderly, the young and the opinion leaders in the various sites he visits.

I have worked with President Kagame for more than 17 years. During that time, I have been privileged to witness the exceptional qualities in the RPF candidate.

President Kagame is a man who loves and listens to his people. A man who delivers on his promises. He is strict and intelligent. He is a man of humility and very respectable. Kagame is truly the pride for Rwanda and Africa as well.  

Some Western media and scholars claim that there is lack of political space, democracy and respect for human rights in the Rwanda. But all this is just a farce to try to confuse the Rwandan people who have taken the courage to campaign for resilience.

With President Kagame, the future of Rwanda is in able hands and the Rwandan people have understood this too well.

It is certainly for this reason that during the RPF campaign rallies, hundreds of thousands of supporters show up in support and solidarity of their candidate Paul Kagame.

The massive turn-up at the rallies is a clear demonstration of appreciation for the good leadership spearheaded by President Kagame.

I have attended several political rallies in more than 35 countries in Africa, Europe, Asia and Latin America, but I have never seen such large, cheerful and committed crowds, coming together to celebrate a leader during an election, especially for an incumbent.

The strong bond between the President and the Rwandan people is more of a successful pact. Rwandans are content and convinced of a prosperous and peaceful future with President Kagame – campaign rallies are the opportune moment to show it.

Under the leadership of President Kagame, Rwanda’s achievements speak for themselves. More than 92 per cent of the population believe in the policy of national unity while the average life expectancy reached more than 67 years compared to only 39 years in 1994.

More than 90 per cent of Rwandans have health insurance, more than 85 per cent have access to clean water and more than 89 per cent have access to financial services. The number of children of school-going age with access to free primary and secondary school has shot up to 98 per cent.

On the global scene, Rwanda is ranked among the most favourable destinations in as far as Doing Business is concerned. The global rankings also place Rwanda among the safest countries as well as the most favourable for women to proper.

Rwanda is an organised, prosperous and hospitable country and the architect of all this is President Kagame who was able to mobilise the Rwandan people around his vision, while upholding Rwandan values such as integrity and resilience.

This is the foundation of the in-vogue slogan during the 2017 presidential campaign of the RPF: Voting for Kagame is the smart and safe choice for Rwanda’s future.

The Rwandan people have already chosen and it is their absolute right. Paul Kagame is the unique and favourable choice of the Rwandan people.

The author is a senior RPF cadre.

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