Emulate Rwanda’s determination

Through you editor, allow me to throw a challenge to all Ugandans that are living in Kampala and other Uganda towns. 

Through you editor, allow me to throw a challenge to all Ugandans that are living in Kampala and other Uganda towns. 

I have just returned home from Kigali, and what I saw was and is still a challenge to me.

I want to commend the people and the leaders in Kigali for the job well done.

The streets were clean, and the tax drivers were careful not to have more than four on a seat unlike here in Uganda where we have room for another person even when you think it’s full.

A few weeks back we hard just hosted the Commonwealth Heads Of State Meeting and for sure Kampala and Entebbe were given a face lift as far as cleanliness and infrastructure are concerned.

Now as I write try walking down town Kampala and you will not love the speed at which we are falling back to our former state.

When you walk the streets of Kampala, you will not miss to catch a glimpse of a plastic bag.

When are we going to be able to stand for what is right and admire to live better than yesterday?

The debris that is all over the place is not brought in from heaven but by the single individuals that are not ready to give up their former ways and adapt to what is new and good.

Stop giving excuses for the way the place looks like and ask yourself whether you have done what is right.

Excuses are the nails used to build the house of failure, you can fail a hundred and one times and you will not be counted a failure until the moment you start to blame others for your failure then you are a failure.

I don’t want to say that we have failed; no, we can still make it as longer as each one of us is willing to do what is right and be willing to go an extra mile as far as taking responsibility for our actions are concerned.

Not forgetting the way our leaders are loose especially when it comes to the issue of law enforcement which is another reason as to why our country is the way it is.

People do all sorts of evils and there are laws in place to govern but because they are being compromised we are the way we are.

To our leaders I want to say, “If you can not stand for anything, then you will fall for anything”

 We have a saying that goes, “wisdom is fire, when you run short of it go collect it from the neighbor’s.”

This is what I am saying to all Ugandans that we can copy from our neighbors what is good.

The person that wants to do something good always finds a way; the other finds an excuse. About turning our country into a better place, find no excuse but a way.

Fellow Ugandans, those at home and those in the Diaspora its time we leave places and things a little better than we found them. 


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