Is Muyoboke taking on Faycal?

Is Muyoboke taking on Faycal?


There is no doubt that every artiste manager Alex Muyoboke touches turns into a money minting musician. If you doubt that, then you have to ask if anyone knew who female duo ‘Charly & Nina’ were before he touched them with his miracle wand. Anyway, word has it that Muyoboke is in the final phase of inking a deal that will see him use his magic to manage Europe based Faycal ‘Kode’ Ngeruka. The last we remember of Faycal was when he was doing some gigs locally before he packed his bags and went to search for greener pastures. He has since been looking for a breakthrough and Muyoboke could be the man to bring him back to our airwaves. Remember, Muyoboke is the man behind the careers of four of the seven Primus Guma Guma Super Star winners. We are definitely waiting to see how this pans out.

Faycal ‘Kode’ 



Bruce Melody blows own trumpet


There is a common saying that ‘If the mountain won’t come to Mohammed, then Mohammed will go to the mountain’ and it seems talented singer Bruce Melody has taken this saying to heart. The silk voiced crooner, who is in Nigeria on a one week working visit, is said to have hounded all major stations finding out how they work with musicians to promote their music. Among the major ones are ‘Trace Urban’ and ‘MTV Naija’ where he dropped off DVDs with his new song Ikinya. Melody, who is known for being modest, was too excited that like any of us non celebrities, he dished out his phone and excitedly took pictures with logos of two major brands in the background before posting them on his social media pages. Who needs a manager when he can do the donkey work himself? Way to go Melody!


Friends throw baby shower for Pendo


MC and radio presenter Anita Pendo sent many tongues wagging when it emerged that she was pregnant. However, Pendo is not one to be brought down with people’s opinions. The vibrant mom-to-be recently was joined by close friends who organised a baby shower for her at her home. The friends include TV personality Tidjara and singer Young Grace and the theme was blue. We have learnt that come late August or early September, Pendo will deliver her baby. The father to her unborn child is AS Kigali’s Alphonse Ndanda. We can only wish her the best of luck.


Chameleone chooses farming over politics


Ugandan singer Jose Chameleone, real name Joseph Mayanja, has always taken delight in telling the story about how his mother coined his stage name ‘Chameleone’. According to the hoarse voiced singer, his mother called him a chameleon because of how unpredictable he was. If the story is true, then it’s indeed true that ‘Mama always knows best’. Chameleone shocked many when he started to put effort in cleaning his ‘bad boy’ image and transforming into a mature man. First, he

stopped his physical fights with fellow artistes. Then he cut off his dreadlocks and then mended his broken friendships. But if you thought that he was preparing to step into the world of politics like fellow musician Bobi Wine, then think again. Apparently, if Chameleone had to retire from music, he would go straight to rearing his cows. Now, we do not know if the surprise is that Chameleone would want to be a farmer or if it’s because he already owns a farm of cows.


Where are the tickets to ‘Blankets and Wine’?


The regionally acclaimed ‘Blankets and Wine’ event is finally coming to Kigali this August and anyone who knows what a great party is all about is ‘threatening’ not to miss out. However, besides the venue and the date of the event, not much more information has been released. Well, word on the street is that a ticket to the event is going to be Rwf25, 000. Now, for some, that is a lot of money but for those who like an exclusive event, the amount is nothing to worry about, after all, if you have no blanket and can’t afford wine, there is an event out here for you too. We are yet to know who the music acts are going to be, but we can assure you of one thing, we will keep you posted.


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