Is watching TV at close range bad?

Does watching TV from very close range affect my eyes? Emma

Does watching TV from very close range affect my eyes? Emma

Dear Emma,


Watching TV at close range does affect the eyes. Firstly it causes strain on eye muscles, particularly if one watches TV continuously for long time. The rapidly changing light from a running TV set also adds on the strain. The same thing happens while watching a computer monitor for long. The eye strain manifests as eye ache and or headache with blurring of vision for some time. If it happens repeatedly it can cause infection of the eyes resulting in red eyes with or without pain. It is said that if vision is blurred, one tends to rub the eyes to see better. This increases susceptibility to infections.


In growing children watching TV for long hours increases risk of short sightedness. While watching TV, short sight is used more than the long sight. Myopia thus induced can cause genetic mutation manifesting as myopia in the off spring as well. Eye strain can also cause diplopia, i.e. one object is seen as double, due to weakening of eye muscles. It increases susceptibility to glaucoma as well.


Eye problems can be prevented very well, by avoiding watching the TV or working on a computer for long hours continuously. After watching TV for an hour or so, a person should take a break. One can close eyes for few minutes with both hands to give them rest. Another option is to move out of the room in open space for 10-15 minutes.

It is also important to see that lighting is adequate in the room. Avoid watching TV in a dark room. If bright light is not desirable, use soft light which should be adequate to see things around clearly.

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