Patriotism should be incentive enough to draw refugees back

Editor, Re: “Cash incentive boosts number of returnees” The New Times, 15 May.


Re: Cash incentive boosts number of returneesThe New Times, 15 May.


It was interesting to read that in April this year, 553 refugees returned to the country, bringing the total number of returnees this year to 1,365.


However, I do believe that it is pride for one’s motherland and not cash incentives, which should motivate and draw refugees back to Remarkable Rwanda.


The Government of Rwanda, under the able guidance and astute leadership of President Paul Kagame has brought this country from being considered a “ failed state “ at the time of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi , to being among the top ten safest countries in the entire world !

This in itself speaks volumes for the safe and secure environment now prevailing which should becon Rwandans back home.

But it is not only safety and security that should boost numbers. What is also amply evident, is good governance, ease of doing business and zero tolerance to corruption. Hence, across all relevant parameters, the environment is most condusive.

I do admire people like Harriet from Musanze, whose story you carried some time ago.This young lady, by no means a refugee, left a lucrative career in the United States of America, to start a business, which has a strong social mission.

There are for sure, many others too, who have taken great pride in the New Rwanda and have willingly come back to work hand in hand with the Government to rebuild the nation.

While free medical insurance for one year, free mobile and free transportation to any destination within the country are all good initiatives taken to lure refugees back, it should  ultimately be a sense of belonging which tips the scales in favor of returnees coming back to this beautiful land of a thousand hills and a million smiles.

Clarence Fernandes

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