What my mother taught me

None of us would be here without our Mums and for those of you in position to do so, please take a moment to show your mothers some love.

None of us would be here without our Mums and for those of you in position to do so, please take a moment to show your mothers some love.

My Mum has always been there for me and I don’t know about her but one of my biggest fears is the day she won’t be around. If there’s one person I love unconditionally, it’s her.


I also trust her at a time when you can’t be so sure of people’s intentions, yes even relatives. I know without a shred of doubt that she will never do anything to hurt me. I count on her and know she’s always looking out for me.


That’s what most mothers do and we ought to respect them. The saying “Educate a woman, educate a Nation” is true indeed. Opinions may differ on this but I think it’s usually mothers who do most of the teaching, informal or otherwise. Almost everything I know I learnt from my mother. School helped too and I’ve learnt many things on my own or from friends and life experiences but things like basic etiquette, personal hygiene and such, I learnt from my Mum.


There are things she cautioned us not to do right from childhood and all these years later, I still hear her voice and even when she’s miles away, I find myself not doing what she said wasn’t right. My Mum taught me to be kind, respectful, god-fearing and humble and these are values I hold to this day.

When I see grownups picking their nose or meet someone who appears not to know the magic words thank you, sorry or excuse me, I silently thank my Mum for teaching me better. This is not to say I’m perfect or better than the next person but I’m just glad I know what I know. Growing up, I hated doing chores.

I still do and wish I had someone to do all my laundry, cook my meals and whatever else needs to be done around the house every single day but at the same time, I’m glad I know how to do certain things myself.

That way, I don’t lose my mind when the maid calls in sick because I can basically do whatever she does. Aside from the things my Mum taught me, she also made sacrifices again and again.

Her children were her top priority.

I’ve heard and seen mothers who party and spend the bulk of their money on clothes and other material things and I’m not judging them but I’m grateful that mine made sure we ate and stayed in school. Sadly, I didn’t go on to become the veterinarian, lawyer and other prestigious professions she wanted.

Don’t take this to mean I had poor grades! I actually did well in school and if I’d focused just a little bit more and had better career guidance, I might have made it to Med School! Either way, thank you Mum for all you’ve done for me over the years. Happy Mothers’ Day!

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