Mother’s Day: What values did you pick from mum?

They say there’s nothing like a mother’s love. It knows no law, no grudge; it can even crush down remorselessly anything that stands in its path. A mother loves fiercely and worries only about bringing up her children

They say there’s nothing like a mother’s love. It knows no law, no grudge; it can even crush down remorselessly anything that stands in its path.  A mother loves fiercely and worries only about bringing up her children. Sunday May 14 is Mother’s Day, a day to celebrate and appreciate the love that mothers tirelessly continue to give. Society Magazine’s Sharon Kantengwa spoke to a cross section of people about what they admire about their mothers and their message to them.


Anita Pendo

Anita Pendo, Radio and TV presenter


My mother always told me to be humble and considerate to everyone. She told me to be strong no matter what I go through. She’s a strong woman, social, entertaining, hardworking and prayerful.


I love and treasure her because she is priceless and irreplaceable. Most of all, I respect her because she played her role as a mum and dad after the death of my father.


Plaisir Muzogeye

Plaisir Muzogeye, photographer

My mother taught me to always honour God, make friends with people and be kind. Message: I will always honour her and follow her advice and I will never disappoint her.


Remmy Lubega

Remmy Lubega, CEO RG consult

She has always taught us to forgive, pray for everybody against us and trust in God always. She is an unbelievably dynamic woman who at the age of 71 walked into a recording studio, recorded a song and played it for me to prove to me that she can achieve whatever she is passionate about. This taught me that at any age, one can still fulfill their dreams and be happy.

I cannot pay her back but I pray for a long and healthy life for her to see her great grandchildren and I promise to always make her proud.


Alexia Mupende

Alexia Mupende, model

The best advice my mum has given me is to love unconditionally and give my best regardless, not expecting anything in return, because God blesses us when we give of ourselves.  At the time it may seem hard and not worth it but ultimately it’s always worth it in the long run if you look back and realise that you made a difference in someone’s life.

I love you so much mum. I might not say it enough but every single day I count you as a blessing and I am who I am today because you have nurtured, loved and disciplined me. I am thankful for who you are but even more, the sacrifices you have made for us as a family. God bless you abundantly.


Dominique Alonga

Dominique Alonga Uwase, CEO Imagine We Rwanda

She taught me to never give up on life and to make her proud. She gave me life, fought for our survival during the war in Congo and raised me and my siblings to become who we are today.

I love you mum. You are the best that has ever happened to me. You are proof that God knows what he’s doing. Your strength and courage inspire me every day. You’re so beautiful.


Ben Mugisha

Ben Mugisha, musician

Mom always tells me to pray, respect others and work hard. Everything I am, I owe it to her. She is a prayerful, strong, elegant, happy and courageous woman who has fought so hard for us.

I love her, wish her the best and pray for her every day of my life. I promise that I will never let her down.


Arthur Nkusi

Arthur Nkusi, comedian and radio personality

My mother never told me but showed me that a child is a child and if you give up on him then you’re not a parent. No matter how your child behaves, you shouldn’t give up on them.

I thank her for never giving up on me.


Ange & her mum

Ange Umulisa, Events host

My mother always encouraged me to be patient, kind and pray no matter the situation. I admire her big heart, kindness and grace.

Words can’t express my love and appreciation for her I look up to her always, as I strive to become a good mother and wife like her. Happy Mother’s Day.

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