Jay Polly in blackmail scare* Ciney welcomed in fiancé’s church* Asinah and Neg G fall out* Shaddy Boo and AY dating rumours escalate* I’m not Mako Nikoshwa’s ‘baby-mama,’ just a fan – Nina*
Shaddy Boo and AY
Shaddy Boo and AY

Jay Polly in blackmail scare

Jay Polly

Rapper Joshua Tuyishime aka Jay Polly is facing a blackmail scare over failure to pay events planner and journalist Eric Dira aka X-Dealer. X-Dealer negotiated a deal for Jay Polly of Rwf 1m on condition that X-Dealer would get Rwf 300,000. However, our snoops tell us that Jay Polly paid him a paltry Rwf 50,000 and now X-Dealer says he’s going to leak Polly’s secrets to the public, including a sex tape. Our snoops tells us that Jay Polly used the money to throw a house party and he is now broke and running around looking for X-Dealer’s balance before his dirty linen makes news.


Ciney welcomed in fiancé’s church


She hang up the mic and retired from rap but she’s considered one of Rwanda’s female MC’s of all time. Aisha Uwimana aka Ciney retired in 2016 and is now preparing to tie the knot with fiancé Ronald Tumusiime. According to our snoops, Ciney was last Sunday welcomed into St. Etienne Cathedral where her fiancé prays from and the venue for their church ceremony. The two got engaged in March at Serena Hotel during ‘Seka Live’ comedy show. Our snoops tell us that preparations are in high gear although details and the wedding date are being kept under lock and key. We’ll keep you posted and congratulations to them.


Asinah and Neg G fall out

Neg G

They both share one thing in common; they hate rapper Emery Gatsinzi aka Riderman in equal measure. The tag team of Serge Ngenzi aka Neg G the General and Riderman’s ex-girlfriend Asinah Mukasine is no more. According to our snoops, Neg G and Asinah have two songs together attacking Riderman but their ‘beef’ came after their third collabo Kagoma which also attacks Riderman. Our snoops tell us that Asinah released Kagoma without Neg G’s knowledge since the latter was behind bars for drug related charges. After the song was released, Riderman threatened legal action and that is when Asinah distanced herself from the matter claiming that Neg G was the one who released the song. However, our snoops also tell us that the song was released when Neg G was behind bars and he is upset about the allegations and the fact that Asinah didn’t visit him in jail. Now that he’s out, he has promised to deal with Asinah and this will include a song about Asinah’s alleged drug and alcohol addiction.

Shaddy Boo and AY dating rumours escalate

The rumour mill is buzzing with reports of a love affair between celebrated Tanzanian musician Allen Yessayah aka AY and Rwandan socialite Shaddy Boo. According to our snoops, AY and Shaddy Boo met in Dar es Salaam when the latter was on vacation and she has since become a frequent visitor to Tanzania with AY as the host. Shaddy Boo divorced video producer Meddy Saleh last year with whom they have two children. AY was in the country last week to record a song with Yvan Buravan and our scouts tell us Shaddy Boo was at the airport to pick him up as the host and their chemistry could be smelt from a mile away.

I’m not Mako Nikoshwa’s ‘baby-mama,’ just a fan – Nina


Nina Muhoza of the singing duo Charly & Nina has finally come out to clear the air over rumours of being musician Mako Nikoshwa’s baby-mama. According to our snoops, Nina and Nikoshwa are close friends from back in the day but they were rumoured to be dating when Nikoshwa was at the peak of his career. When it was recently publicised that Nina has a child, all fingers pointed to Nikoshwa, although they both claim they are friends and don’t have a child together. However, our snoops say this maybe a way of protecting the child from the public eye because Nina is a private person.

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