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Seeing as we just celebrated Labour Day, I feel like employers need to do more to make life easier for their employees beyond just giving us a day off on May 1st.

Seeing as we just celebrated Labour Day, I feel like employers need to do more to make life easier for their employees beyond just giving us a day off on May 1st.

While different jobs require different skills and input, we can all agree that there are certain perks, rewards and incentives anyone who works for someone is entitled to, after all we’re all human and need just about the same things to ensure our day-to-day survival. With that said, here are the top four things I believe every employee deserves. 


Free meals:


If you’re required at work by 7:00am and don’t leave till 5 or 6:00pm, then at least breakfast and lunch should be on the house or should I say job! Those who work the night-shift should also be taken care of.


Most workers have to pay for their own meals which I don’t think is fair, especially because most top executives and managers get lunch allowance but lower ranking staff don’t.

Don’t you hate it when you learn that your boss dines at fine restaurants and holds board meetings at 5 Star Hotels when sometimes all you have is tea or water for lunch? And some people don’t even have that! How do you expect workers to function and meet your targets when they’re yawning half the time?

Free accommodation:

As with the food, most CEOs get free housing on top of their six-figure salaries. So should the rest of us. No one expects a mansion but a decent two or three bed-roomed house would be appreciated, especially if you’ve been at the same job for at least three years.

Employers can even go a step further and contribute to a mortgage fund or scheme for their employees. If I’m not stressing over my next rent payment, chances are I will be more productive. 

Free transport:

Again, I think this too is in the employer’s best interest. You want your employees to get to work safely and on time. If you have a shuttle or van picking them up and dropping them off at certain points, you likely won’t have to deal with absenteeism and endless excuses for late coming.

Paid leave:

This includes sick leave, maternity leave and annual leave. While some people feign illness just to get away from work, most people genuinely need some time off to recuperate. Women shouldn’t be penalized for choosing to have children.

If someone has served you diligently over a couple of years, let her spend at least six months with her newborn and when she’s ready to return to work, don’t make her feel like she has to choose between her child and the job.

Your other employees are also entitled to their annual leave. Too many people forfeit their leave either because they’re not compensated for the days they don’t work or worry they’ll be replaced while away. That’s not right because everybody needs a break.

As you can tell, none of these are unrealistic demands. A lot more is of course needed when you consider what workers in the developed world get but let’s start with these.

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