Yes, miracles do happen

Editor, RE: “Do you believe in miracles?” (The New Times, April 21).
Christians during a prayer session. (File)
Christians during a prayer session. (File)


RE:Do you believe in miracles?” (The New Times, April 21). It was on Saturday, February 4, 2017 when I stopped over at the local restaurant, which is in close proximity to my residence for tea before proceeding for an appointment.


I was perfectly alright when I left home that morning, and later when I was sipping the refreshing cup of tea. Soon after leaving the restaurant, however, I started feeling very giddy and disoriented. So I went back to the restaurant to just rest.


The disorientation was getting no better and a neighbour, who was also in the restaurant, asked me if he could take me home. I most readily agreed, but clarified that I would not be able to walk, even as it was just a short distance. Then the owner of the restaurant very kindly asked his driver to drop us. My neighbour took me to the general practitioner next door to my apartment. I was advised to rush immediately to hospital.


So, while my kind neighbour kept me at the clinic, he rushed to inform my wife, Vinita, and my son, Vernon, about my state. Vinita and Vernon were with me almost immediately and we rushed to Hinduja Hospital, which is not too far away.

On examination, the doctor in the emergency confirmed the worst – a cerebral stroke. Panic buttons were pressed. In the shortest possible time, my brother and sister who had just arrived from America to attend my son’s wedding – slated the following Saturday – were at the hospital. So was my younger sister as well as a few close friends.

Tubes, breathing apparatus and drips were all over me while I was wheeled into the intensive care unit.

In my semi-conscious state, I did hear Vinita tell the doctor that the following Saturday was Vernon’s wedding. I also distinctly remember the doctor replying: “You will be able to take him in a wheelchair”.

That gave us all a rude shock. Imagine going to attend your only child’s wedding in a wheelchair! It is very common that, after a cerebral stroke, some part of the body get disabled and that is why the doctor said I would need to be in a wheelchair.

All my family, together with numerous prayer groups and friends from different parts of the world, prayed for a miracle.

And thanks be to God, a miracle did happen! Within three days I was discharged from hospital.

By the grace of God, I sang a solo hymn at the nuptials of Vernon and his charming bride, Merlin, and said the thanksgiving prayer before the final blessing.

Again, by the grace of God, I was able to attend the wedding reception that followed, join in the wedding march and even dance with Merlin, with my sisters and with others during the event.

Therefore, please allow me to share with your esteemed readers that I do believe in miracles. Of course one must have implicit faith and trust in God and pray most fervently and then, finally, leave the rest to the holy will of God.

Clarence Fernandes Mumbai, India

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