Social Mula; The sudden conqueror of Rwandan music

At the age of 24, singer Lambert Mugwaneza alias Social Mula is already a household name. Many Rwandans have come to fall in love with his songs. Social Mula has 17 songs to his name and he composed all of them but three.
Social Mula. Net photo
Social Mula. Net photo

At the age of 24, singer Social Mula alias Lambert Mugwaneza is already a household name. 

Many Rwandans have come to fall in love with his songs.


Social Mula has 17 songs to his name and he composed all of them but three.


Speaking to this reporter at The New Times Publications head office in Kimihurura, Social Mula said it’s only last year that he actually made up his mind to pursue a career in music.


“I started out around 2012, releasing one song almost after every year. But 2016 was my turning point,” said Social Mula.

Indeed, it’s during the year 2016 that he released Kundunduro which would later become his breakthrough giving him not only instant fame but also several opportunities to do collabos with more popular artistes.

This brought him some “good money” too, he says.

In the same year Social Mula released hit after hit – at least three songs, the most number of songs to be released by the singer in a single calendar year.

To say that his hard work has since paid off would be an understatement.

“Previously, people have appreciated my songs but because I would release a song after a long time, perhaps some people would forget about me. But I now spend more time in the studio, and I do not just do Afrobeat style but adventure in R&B as well,” Mula says.

His two R&B popular hits “Kundunduro and “Amahitamo” were composed by singer Danny Vumbi, he says.

The Gicumbi-born lad says he probably draws his singing inspiration from his mother Illuminee Mukabandora. He is the last born of Claudien Munyaneza and Mukabandora.

Social Mula, nicknamed Dynamic upon his birth, suspended his university studies to pursue his singing career and both his parents “blessed my decision, which I think is responsible for my modest success thus far”.

“One of the major delays for my breakthrough was education. I tried to pursue education alongside singing but it didn’t seem to work for me. I had gone as far as second year (at the Adventist University of Central Africa) but decided to put books on hold and concentrate on my passion first”.

Not that education was not important to him. “It is actually very important, but I will go back to school and finish with my Bachelors degree sooner than later.”

Social Mula revealed that he is in contact with several artistes across the region, adding that collabos with top regional singers are in the pipeline.

Meanwhile, Social Mula headed to the Ugandan capital of Kampala this week where he was due to perform at the opening of the Kansanga based Light Club alongside Ugandan artiste Ziza Bafana, on Friday.

He is planning to launch his two albums at once later this year “preferably after the upcoming presidential elections,” he says.

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