Why is my head balding early?

I am aged 25 but my head is already balding. What causes early balding and can it be reversed? If so how? Ivan

Dear Doctor,

I am aged 25 but my head is already balding. What causes early balding and can it be reversed? If so how? Ivan


Dear Ivan,


Balding around middle age is a common characteristic for men, which occurs due to the male sex hormones. But it can occur in young men as well.


Hereditary factors are the most common cause of premature baldness in men. Modern lifestyle factors are also responsible. Use of harsh chemicals in shampoos, hair setting gels causes hair to fall resulting in partial baldness, which can progress to total baldness with progressing age. Washing hair with hot water tends to make them brittle and fall easily. Mental stress is a known risk factor, responsible for excess fall of hair. A diet deficient in proteins can also cause hair to become brittle, dry and fall easily.

Baldness can also be due to poor hygiene. Diseases of scalp like fungal infections, boils, e.t.c. tend to weaken hair roots over time and cause baldness. It can be due to hormonal disorders like hypothyroidism.

One can have a single bald patch due to a condition called alopecia areata. Its exact cause is not known but is said to be due to an auto immune reaction, i.e. the body’s immune system considers its own elements as foreign and reacts. If the hair loss is total, it is called alopercia areata.

Among other medical conditions, chronic diseases like kidney failure and liver disorders cause baldness. Drugs for cancer and some other drugs also cause baldness as adverse effect. It can occur following any major surgery.

Try to avoid strong chemicals in any form over the hair. Avoid head bath with hot water. Massage hair at least once in a week with some healthy oil like coconut or olive oil. Keep scalp always clean. Diet rich in proteins will help to keep hair in good condition. Learn to relax physically and mentally.

If the underlying cause is reversible, hair loss will also reverse. It does reverse after correction of diet deficiency or underlying medical condition. But if not, drugs like minoxidil are used to reverse baldness. Hair transplant is another option.

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