Teaching is a calling

Teachers, teachers, teachers...always and always!


Re: ‘Unqualified’ teachers: Find ways to further their training instead' (The New Times February 10)

Teachers, teachers, teachers...always and always!

Teachers should be left alone and be treated with a lot of respect. The root of the problem is in what used to be called “orientation scolaire”.

My simple question is; did this “orientation scolaire” go hand in hand with the wishes of students?

Do those with education degrees necessarily want to be teachers?

Teaching is a calling. Let those already in and wish to stay be trained just to cope with the changes that teaching goes through...and stop making people believe that some education degree holders are jobless because their places have been taken by non-qualified teachers.

NB: In-service training remains important in all sectors...not only in schools.

Amin Ndikumana

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