Human trafficking must be stopped

Editor, RE: “Good friend gone bad; trapped in Kenya’s Nanyuki” (The New Times, January 15).


RE:Good friend gone bad; trapped in Kenya’s Nanyuki” (The New Times, January 15).


There are similar cases going on in our country and yet many Rwandans and the Government don’t probably know they are happening. I guess you have heard about or seen Rwandan girls with no income at all but who occasionally go to the Middle East countries, such as Saudi Arabia, for a one month vacation or so.


It is very interesting, especially considering that there are many people who are working but can’t afford such vacations.


The writer cited British troops stationed in Nanyuki. In Saudi Arabia’s case, there are thousands of Westerners working there as engineers, doctors, accountants….who are looking for young girls for pleasure. It seems Rwanda has become an interesting market for them. God knows the entire network that makes it possible.

For your information, those Westerners live in compounds designated for them only. Once you are there as a trafficked Rwandan girl, you will eventually find yourself in London, Paris, New York or Montreal.

Thanks for informing us of “the good friend that went bad”; thanks also for reminding me to write about the Middle East case.


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