Word reaching our desk is that gospel singer Aline Gahongayire’s rekindled friendship with former husband is raising questions among her fans and friends.
Aline Gahongayire with former husband
Aline Gahongayire with former husband

Gahongayire’s ‘closeness’ with former husband raises eyebrows   

Word reaching our desk is that gospel singer Aline Gahongayire’s rekindled friendship with former husband is raising questions among her fans and friends.


The grapevine has it that a good number of her Christian followers, among other people, are not happy about this relationship, considering that her ex-husband was rumored to be in a relationship last year with a one Paola Abizera.


The question on people’s lips is, why now? Why this closeness after Gahongayire publicly claimed that the reason for their divorce is that the two just can’t get along. Social media is buzzing with questions;


Why didn’t they use this magic to keep their own nuptials? Is there more behind it? Are they simply making peace? Will this friendship cause a stir in Gahima’s marriage? We are keeping an ear out for this one.

The Ben tells off critics

The Ben

After a grand homecoming performance on New Year’s Day, US-based R&B singer, The Ben, is now in the gossip pages for other reasons.

Social media is awash with talk that the singer has a fake accent and also bleached; however, The Ben dismissed the talk as rubbish, attributing his lighter skin tone to the weather abroad.

Sadly, this wasn’t enough to silence the critics, who are now wondering why other artistes like Meddie, also based in the US, still have the same skin tone yet they left the country together. Why doesn’t the weather affect them, they ask?

While he fights to silence these tales, word reaching our desk is that the singer is also being ridiculed for the American accent he acquired after six years abroad.

At a press conference, the singer made it clear that he wasn’t losing touch with his roots, or himself for that matter. He is not faking an accent; the society he lives in has forced him to adjust accordingly.

Well, it’s not half as bad, seeing as some people obtain foreign accents within minutes of landing at the airport!

Socialite Huddah lands another juicy deal


Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe started 2017 with a bang after bagging yet another mouth-watering brand ambassadorial deal. Huddah, who has for the past few months been talking about being the brand ambassador of a well-recognised liquor brand, was finally unveiled as the liquor brand’s ambassador in the wake of 2017 as it launched in the country.

On December 31st, Qway International, Luc Belaire and B-Club hosted a star studded New Year’s Eve party dubbed the Black Bottle Glow Party at B-Club in Nairobi. The event aimed at ushering in the New Year in style and also, officially launching the Luc Belaire brand in Kenya. The internationally acclaimed liquor brand is marketed and endorsed by Brand ambassadors DJ Khaleed and Rick Ross. In East Africa, Luc Belaire is working with a host of celebrities and influencers, with Huddah Monroe making it to the list as one of the new brand ambassadors.

Former BBA contestant fights drug problem


Photos of Tanzania’s representative in the 2014 season of Big Brother Africa, Nando Khan, who is battling drug addiction has caused an outpour of emotions by some of the top acts in the country’s entertainment industry.

The pictures and video of a frail looking Nando were circulated online by Trace TV presenter Lydia Joy. In the posts, which were later deleted by the TV presenter, Nando appears frail and clearly in bad health.

Nando, known for his good looks and smooth talk during the contest, has been reported to be hooked on drugs, which have left him a pale shadow of himself. Thus, some Tanzanian celebrities, led by fellow Big Brother Africa representative, Feza Manzi – who is now a radio presenter – have made an appeal for prayers for ailing Nando.

What is Assinah up to?


The rumor mill’s latest spin is that Asinah Erra has been across three countries in the last couple of days. Our snoops say that it has been a crazy five-day schedule for her. It is said that in five days, the dancehall artiste had a brief break in America, after which she flew to Belgium for a video clip shoot. Then she headed to Tanzania where she met with artistes not known to us yet to work on a new song called Mapenzi.

Assinah, known mostly for being the girl Riderman dumped after eight years of dating only to be replaced in record time, is expected to return to Rwanda today.

Word buzzing on social media is, does Assinah have enough money to travel like this? The girl is an upcoming artiste so the question is valid. What is she planning? Fans of the upcoming dancehall star are anticipating a great surprise. We will keep you posted. 

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