What are your resolutions for 2017?

2016 has come to an end; with this comes a timeless trend – resolutions for the New Year. Donah Mbabazi caught up with a few individuals and they shared what they hope to achieve in 2017.

2016 has come to an end; with this comes a timeless trend – resolutions for the New Year. Donah Mbabazi caught up with a few individuals and they shared what they hope to achieve in 2017.

Julian Kayibanda

Julian Kayibanda - Children entertainment expert:  One of my 2017 plans is to increase access to play spaces and materials through my social enterprise ‘The Playground’. We are currently building environmental playgrounds and we shall build more in the next year.


The second thing is that we shall launch the Mobile Toy Libraries, mostly in rural Rwanda where play for young children is scarce yet play is critical to children’s development.


Personally, as one of the Global Leaders for Children Fellow under the World Forum Foundation, and country Director for ICRI, I hope to increase efforts in advocacy and training for early childhood development programmes in partnership with other stakeholders.


Alice Manirumva - Customer care, Kasha Inc.:

Alice Manirumva

I am planning to start my Master’s degree.

I also want to start up a social enterprise project that would be helping taxpayers and citizens to access the use of Rwanda Revenue Authority online services, and it will be based in Karongi District.



Rodgers Munyaneza - Banker:

Rodgers Munyaneza

I want to improve on my skills career-wise, for instance, improve on my efficiency.

On a personal level, I want to make more friends and also strengthen my relationship with God.

I also want to start up my own business.

I will make more plans in the course of the year depending on circumstances.

I believe plans can be made at any time in life.

One should just consider their past and decide what they need for a change in future.


Dieudonnée Gakire - Author:

Dieudonée Gakire

If all goes well, my plans for 2017 include; studying literature and creative planning, publish my next novel ‘A gift to the world’, launch in the next commemoration period a short documentary movie based on the content of my book ‘A dreaming child’.  

It will be showing how the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi affected children during and after.

I will also attend Marcus Garvey and Tainos Community Tourism Study Tour.

And of course, I will continue to speak publicly to encourage Rwanda’s youth to seek innovative solutions to the problems of development, educating the world about genocide and reconciliation.


James Friday - Journalist:

Friday James

I want to continue exploring the heights of my potential in my career and, carry out more philanthropic activities.

This year, I didn’t have any distinct resolutions.

I said to myself, ‘Friday, this is your year to work hard and build network.’

I left everything else to God to surprise me...and He did.


Maureen Aine mbabazi - Fashion Designer:

Maureen Aine mbabazi 

The major resolutions I have for 2017 are, paying less attention to losses, disappointments, wrong decisions and mistakes that I have made in the past years or any made in 2017.

I want to pay more attention to finding the solution or the next step because I have learnt that you can’t change anything done in the past but you can do it better in future.

My second resolution is to do my best with honesty in my business by always giving my clients what I promise.

Also, I will expand my company in terms of clientele, quality, income and profitability.

This past year, I had resolutions and though I didn’t manage to accomplish all of them, God gave me the grace to accomplish some.

My company improved its client base and I have learnt to be patient.


Pie Kombe-Reflexologist:

Pie Kombe 

I mostly plan my New Year resolutions on the 1st of January.

Last year I had plans but unfortunately, I only managed to accomplish a few.

For instance I had a certain amount of money I wanted to have on my account by the end of the year but this didn’t work out because of some reasons.

However, I am making new resolutions and I wish to see them through. I would want to have a business and a piece of land to my name by the end of this year.




Jean Gatete - Manager, Lakes Gym:  

Jean Gatete

Concerning my personal plans, I want to request for a loan so that I start my preparations to construct a house.

Also, this year, I am set to enrol my son in school. In regards to work, our New Year’s resolutions are to improve and increase the services we offer our growing clientele.

We plan to increase the number of massage rooms and add more services such as reflexology. In the sauna relaxation hall, we plan to add more beds and more carpets, we also plan to add soft soothing therapeutic music to our clients’ massage experience.

Roger Ndemezo - Sales Manager: I want to go for further studies, particularly, for a Master’s degree.

I am also planning to buy land; probably start up my own company too.

I actually had some of these plans last year but I only managed to achieve half of them, you know sometimes you may set some goals but due to uncertainties, you are forced to first tackle the immediate issues that come unexpectedly thus missing some targets as planned.

So, uncertainties sometimes do affect our New Year resolutions.

Jody Phibi - Musician:

Jody Phibi

The New Year is a motivation and a chance to do better things that’s why resolutions are of essence; however one can always start right away with the planning. For 2017, on my side it’s going to be more hard work, I’ll work on my album, I will also be holding performance promotional tours which I have already started. The other plan I have with my team is just to take a step at a time, first deal with one thing which will lead to another I can’t engage in so many things but if more plans come up I will update.

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