Celebrate Christmas cautiously

There is a lot of excitement as people get ready to celebrate Christmas, one of the biggest festivities on the world calendar.

There is a lot of excitement as people get ready to celebrate Christmas, one of the biggest festivities on the world calendar.

Christmas is celebrated in most countries to commemorate the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ.
It was first observed by Romans. Christmas acts as catalyst to a happy and wonderful life. We get time to share the untold beauty of the day with family and friends.

People in various places celebrate Christmas in different ways, but there are certain customs and traditions which are common across the globe, which may include exchanging of gifts and sweets, decorating houses with colourful lights and spending time with family and friends.

For every Christian in the world, this is the most exciting time of the year. It is the best time of the year, especially since it coincides with the end of the year, so people have a lot to celebrate for, and with great grandeur.

Every year, from the start of December people start planning the way they would be celebrating this auspicious day, with their family and friends. Shop vendors decorate their shops as beautifully as they can to entice a wide range of clientele to their shops to even buy what had not been budgeted for.

This is because the Christmas wave entices people to buy gifts so as to bring exuberance and a smile on the face of other people.

Some of the Christmas traditions existed centuries ago before the birth of Christ. The modern day tradition of exchanging gifts, bonfires, carnivals, songs of carols which echo in the neighborhoods, huge feasts and many more all originated from the time of the Mesopotamians.

These practices of Christmas have since remained common from generations to generations. For example, the Christmas tree is one of the symbols most easily associated with the festival of Christmas.

The Christmas tree is a must have for every home from Christmas and right up to New Year.

However, Christmas has both sweet and sour tastes. It is not all rosy! First and foremost, Christmas severely depletes accounts when overdone; with the overspending and funfair, this is a danger many fall in.

Many have ended up having no money left when schools come calling in January. Others may end up running down very important projects due to the impulse spending or hindering achievement of their financial goals during the festive season.

This is the reason they say that Christmas can be good or bad depending on how one takes it.

Some of the other ‘misfortunes’ coming along with this time is the over excitement. It is not new that a few people get to take too many beverages, to sound euphemistic, in the name of celebrations. They end up posing a threat not only to their dear lives but to others too.

Other incidences include increased crime rates. As people want to entertain themselves, those who are not capable of meeting this desire resort to petty theft and other criminal activities.

This is a phenomenon that takes place all around the world. This is the reason most of the authorities in every state often warn their citizens to be more vigilant during this time of the year.

Rwanda is not an exception, as we gear up to usher in this festive day, we must have the funfair as well as adhere to certain amount of caution and assistance. Most important is not only to celebrate by ourselves but help others around us find the meaning of Christmas.

In addition, let us ensure that we keep our goodness and normal way of life and avoid anything that might affect the life of others. Wish you a merry Christmas!

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