Bruce Melody is without a doubt one of the most talented Rwandan artistes, and like most gifted singers, he too started out in church.
Bruce Melody
Bruce Melody

Why did Melody quit his church choir?

Bruce Melody is without a doubt one of the most talented Rwandan artistes, and like most gifted singers, he too started out in church.


For those who didn’t know, Melody was introduced to the ADEPR church by his parents at a very young age and his dream was to be a pastor. But, ironically, it seems God had other plans for him.


Well, we are told that Melody’s talent started shining at a tender age and it seems that as the talent grew, some people from his church were eagerly watching.


The talented singer started composing gospel songs for his choir but, unfortunately, we are told that choir leaders in his church loved the songs so much that they would not only ignore crediting him, they would call the compositions their own.

After a few years of patience, a disappointed and angry but now older Melody quit his choir, severed all ties with his church, and the rest as they say is history. Who would have imagined?

What is Plaisir hiding?

Plaisir Muzogeye is a very popular figure at most social events.

The photographer, who has a keen interest in celebrities, is known for his creativity when it comes to taking great photos and, for that, he too has become a celebrity.

It is, therefore, not surprising that when he got engaged to his girlfriend; Lysette Rubega, the photos of the ceremony were splashed all over the local tabloid.

Since then, many have been keeping a keen eye on the details of what is to follow. We are now informed that there has been a twist in Muzogeye’s impending nuptials.

Though the wedding date has been set as December 23, the photographer is said to have failed to find a venue.

Interestingly, Muzogeye was expected be release his invitation cards today. What is really going on? Is he also trying to play games to cut on numbers? We will be watching.

Lilian eyes Kamariza's music

Lilian Mbabazi 

Singer Lilian Mbabazi may be based in Uganda where she juggles her music career and motherhood duties but her heart is clearly in Rwanda.

The talented vocalist, who became popular as part of the girl group Blu3, is currently working on an album which will, for the first time, have songs in Kinyarwanda, Luganda and English.

We are told that Lillian, who recently commanded a full house at the monthly Jazz Junction at Kigali Serena Hotel, is searching for the family of late folksong legendary singer Kamariza to request for authorisation to redo the singer’s songs.

The singer is said to be interested in two songs though their titles could not readily be established.

If Lilian is granted the rights to the songs, this will be a tough one since Kamariza is a revered artiste who made a mark in the history of Rwanda for her contribution to the country’s liberation struggle.

This is going to be interesting. We will keep you updated. 

Jules Sentore is back

Jules Sentore

Ever since singer Jules Sentore finished seventh in this year’s Primus Guma Guma Super Star Season 6, the talented singer went off the radar.

He has not been heard from or seen by many since then and, of course, rumours were circulating that he was still sour-graping.

Well, Sentore is back and this time, he is here to dispel all the rumours. The Gakondo-music artiste has been busy and it has nothing to do with sour graping.

We are told that the smooth vocalist has just unleashed a new album that is set to silence his critics.

The album, titled Indashyikirwa, is set to be released soon alongside the videos of many of his songs. We simply can’t wait.

Is Meek Rowland the girl to watch?

Meek Rowland

Even for a non-feminist, it is obvious that the Rwandan music scene is flooded with more men than women so it’s always such a relief when a new face appears to shake up things.

This time, the new kid on the block is Meek Roland, a young artiste based in the US.

We are told that after performing at a night club in Atlanta, a group of Nigerians, Kenyans and Americans have organised a listening party that will take place today at Vice Lounge, Atlanta, where Rowland will perform to a selected crowd.

Rowland, who first caught our attention with her song Amazing has other songs including Uyu Mwana. We wish her the best. 

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