Two arrested with counterfeit money

Police has arrested two people separately in connection with possession and circulation of fake money.

Police has arrested two people separately in connection with possession and circulation of fake money.

Ezechiel Ngerejeho and Patrick Ntakirutimana were arrested on Tuesday in Gasabo and Gicumbi districts respectively with fake money amounting to Rwf635,000.


Ngerejeho was arrested in Gaseke Cell, Mutete Sector, Gicumbi after he reportedly tried to sell to an unidentified man fake money valued at Rwf600, 000 in exchange for Rwf300, 000 of genuine money.


Ntakirutimana, on the other hand, was arrested the same day in Ndatemwa Cell of Rutunga Sector in Gasabo.


Meanwhile, Police spokesperson for the Northern Region, Inspector of Police (IP) Innocent Gasasira said that the man was “brave enough to notify police and to keep Ngerejeho guessing until officers arrived and arrested him red-handed.”

“When Ngerejeho told this man about the deal of selling him fake money, he expressed interest and told him to wait a bit, and that’s when police officers in Byumba arrived and apprehended him as the two tried to exchange the money,” IP Gasasira said.

The fake notes were in Rwf5, 000 and Rwf2, 000 denominations, he said.

“The business community, money changers and even dealers in telecommunication banking services, the most targeted, should be vigilant and work with police to fight such crimes that affect their businesses and incomes thus a threat to the national economy,” he added.

Article 601 of the Penal Code specifies an imprisonment of between five and seven years to any person convicted of counterfeiting, falsifying and alteration of legal tender.

Knowingly acquiring and circulating monies is also punishable with an imprisonment of between one and three years under article 603, while taking the money without knowledge that it’s counterfeit, and even after knowing, you still circulate it them also attracts a jail term of between six months and two years under the same article.

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