LETTERS: 'Study Rwanda Programme' will impact the youth

President Paul Kagame's speech at Yale University was most enlightening.


RE:Africa can be equal partners in global peace, says Kagame” (The New Times, September 22). President Paul Kagame’s speech at Yale University was most enlightening.


He stressed the importance of value-based solidarity in the pursuit of international peace, security and prosperity.


This is precisely what the Singapore International School in Mumbai is planning to do when they launch their “Study Rwanda Programme” in the very near future.


Collaborations, nut not confrontations, will garner world peace. These students will come and get to know and understand Rwanda firsthand. 

This initiative is aimed at building sustainable partnerships among the youth who would, in any case, be the leaders of tomorrow.

It is also aimed at educating people that Rwanda is one of the cleanest, safest and most secure countries in the world.

Clarence Fernandes

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