Ban harmful skin bleaching chemicals

Editor, RE: “Think twice before attempting to bleach” (The New Times, September 19).


RE:Think twice before attempting to bleach” (The New Times, September 19). More awareness campaigns against this dangerous chemical, and a ban specifically on hydroquinone (a skin bleaching chemical), is needed to save the health of some of our careless sisters and brothers who, for different and unjustified reasons, decide to change the colour of their natural skin, from brown or black to yellow or white. Shocking!







I think these bleaching chemicals that have negative/adverse effects on the user’s lives should be controlled by the Rwanda Bureau of Standards as well as the Ministry of Health through outright bans and conduct studies on their effects on the people who use them, such that the only products on the market are those that have no adverse side effects on their users.

I personally don’t like people who bleach but who am I to tell them not to make themselves ugly? It’s their faces and their lives.

Tony Shyaka

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