Youth key in peace building

Editor, RE: “International Day of Peace to focus on youth” (The New Times, September 20).


RE:International Day of Peace to focus on youth” (The New Times, September 20).


In these troubled times, it is important to observe International Day of Peace with great meaning, and it is very relevant that the National Unity and Reconciliation Commission has dedicated this year to the youth and their efforts and contribution towards the peace building processes.


Only last week, Neysa Sanghavi, a young woman from the Singapore International School in Mumbai, traveled all the way to Kigali to study the consequences of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi, work with the survivors widow organisation (Avega Agahozo) and subsequently take home the message of how Rwandan youth continue to inspire the world with their peace building initiatives.


The Government of Rwanda has always put in place measures aimed at peace building. When Rwandan youth are preparing to leave high school, they attend reconciliation camps at which they are taught that it is only through peaceful means, that the country and the world, at large, can progress. Forgiveness is the essence in this peace building process.

Sanghavi plans to bring back to Rwanda a group of her fellow students on a “Study Rwanda Program” where they will spend much time with Rwandan youth and Genocide survivors to study how this great nation has truly become a new and “Remarkable Rwanda”.

Clarence Fernandez

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