Living a successful life is beyond personal fulfillment

It is said that success is everyone’s desire in all aspects of life. Students work hard to succeed in examinations, businesses work hard to succeed as well as those in employment circles and so forth.

It is said that success is everyone’s desire in all aspects of life. Students work hard to succeed in examinations, businesses work hard to succeed as well as those in employment circles and so forth.

It is said that this urge to succeed makes us keep track of our progress and helps us to stay motivated and focused in our various endeavours.


Knowing where we are going and how much progress we have made creates anticipation and excitement. This positive energy helps us to take consistent action and multiplies our results in everything we do. It is the power that pushes us to achieve most of the goals we have in life.


The question now is the real meaning of success in the twenty-first century where things move very fast with new inventions in all areas. The real meaning of success has kept on being redefined from mixed comprehensions from time immemorial.


Everyone has a different idea of what their success is and that is why it can be hard to find its definitive measurement metrics.

We all think differently about being prosperous in life and always define success in different ways. Mostly, success is viewed through gaining some status; earning an educational profession; building a family status; accomplishing everything you set out to do; being placed into a position of status with power, among others.

People also define success in terms of material gain. We measure success according to the income and in areas such as business, finance and so on. The definition of material metrics means that success is viewed as a demonstration of a certain level of material or financial strength gained.

These are also common ways which society mirrors success, but often what people see as a successful person and what that person may think of them can be significantly different. People around us see wealth and power. Yet, at an individual level, one may see success as working in a profession or industry or environment where they thrive intellectually and an area they are passionate about.

Today we live in a more dynamic world than ever, the more the meaning and the measurement of success become material. The emergence of highly rated jobs, availability of sleek technological products, posh cars, houses of superb architectural designs and products of all nature truly create confusion and influence the definition of success.

Just like one author once stated that ‘with the prolonged challenges we have all experienced in today’s economy and the socio-cultural shifts that are brought about by today’s lightning developments in technology, people are taking a close look at their individual situations and priorities and creating new, personalised definitions of success for themselves.’

However, success must not be defined by individual preferences but with outward look. The world is ever evolving and we are forced to adapt. In the process, we have an opportunity to redefine what it means to discover success in life. Shared challenges and attaining common goals collectively is one way in which success should be mirrored.

To some people, definition of success may be studying what they have always dreamt of doing in life, for others, it may be to achieve a leadership position, while for others it may be to earn enough to cruise the world some day, or extra money or just to survive. In all these, the main question should be what positive impacts we will create to others at the end of accomplishing what we desire.

Of course, it is essential to first define individual success; this is the start of living a life based on one’s own expectations and terms. Then, when success finally comes in different sizes and shapes, it should involve serving and creating positive impacts to those around us. This is the true success which doubles up as a legacy.

People must not only feel that life is successful if they can live each day with a positive outlook, get content with circumstances, have balance in all the important areas of life, and have the time and resources to pursue what they are passionate about without considering the community around them.

It is not accurate to conclude that living a successful life means to be extraordinarily wealthy and have a lot of tangibles. The meaning of success, in addition to living a happy life is to make this world a better place. More than just succeeding in attaining personal goals, we should have accomplishments that build the society in which we live.

In conclusion, success in life is beyond personal fulfillment, the real success is having a positive impact on the lives of people around us by either uplifting or inspiring them to think and act in ways that they may not have considered before.

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