Kudos RwandAir!

Editor, RE: “RwandAir launches flights to Cotonou” (The New Times, September 5).


RE:RwandAir launches flights to Cotonou” (The New Times, September 5).


This is putting our money where our mouths have been; truly flying the talk, so to speak: Rwanda, through Rwandair, is showing that our determination for real African integration is more than mere talk; the launch of the Kigali-Cotonou route and the many others already in operation are practical action that help to increase the links our peoples need, from east to west, from centre to south, not forgetting the north.


Kudos to Rwandair for helping make this dream of Africans coming closer without outsiders as the necessary bridge (which has hitherto been the case, as air links between eastern and western Africa, especially to French-speaking countries, often needed transiting through Western Europe) come true.


Mwene Kalinda

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