[SPONSORED] Bugesera District: Welfare improves as investment opportunities abound

Abakeramurimo, loosely translated as ‘peoples who always stand for work’, is a national civic education (Itorero) figurative description of the people of Bugesera District. Thanks to their working spirit, the district has earned different awards and trophies from various domains.
People benefited from Girinka programme.
People benefited from Girinka programme.

Abakeramurimo, loosely translated as ‘peoples who always stand for work’, is a national civic education (Itorero)  figurative description of the people of Bugesera District. Thanks to  their working spirit, the district has earned  different awards and trophies from various domains.

According to the District Mayor,  Emmanuel Nsanzumuhire, . Bugesera’s vision is to bring  and sustain  improvements  in people’s welfare, infrastructures, economic development, wealth and health among others.


Bugesera is located in Eastern Province and stands to the surface area of 1337km2 with more than 361,339 people and 282 people per kilometer square.


The district borders  with the Republic of Burundi in the South, Ngoma District in the East, Kigali City and Rwamagana District in the North.

Awards of Bugesera district from various domains. / John Mbaraga

It is divided into fifteen sectors, with 72 cells and 581 villages.

The major economic activity  of the district is agriculture and livestock, but industry and tourism sectors are also developing at a satisfactory rate.

Good governance and Justice

Implementing government policies and setting different initiatives to ensure good governance are the main pillars that allow Bugesera to perform well. The government decentralization policy has been strengthened in Bugesera District  to ensure that residents are given timely services.

In the past, district officials could meet people with grievances at the headquarters to address them.

“Today we have a ministerial order that requires us (local leaders) to meet population in their respective localities to understand and address their conflicts, easily and in time,” ” Mayor Nsanzumuhire told The New Times.

In 2015-2016 fiscal year, good governance and justice targeted increased outputs from citizen satisfaction with public services, resolving citizen complaints and executing court of law judgments, enhanced information flows and participation of the population through established and new channels and increased value of umuganda community among others. Litigious cases were solved by Inteko y’Abaturage.

Classrooms constructed.

The mayor said that the district is now focusing on faster resolution of conflicts and or other problems and always call upon leaders to take it as their first priority.

“Leaders always wish to resolve conflicts and address problems, but, on the other hand, they must remember to be impartial. We need to follow facts and truth for ensuring fair justice,” he noted.

Agriculture development

Bugesera District has been experiencing droughts in the past years but after government’s environment conservation policies like planting trees, the environment has evolved as reflected in the better yields in this year’s agricultural production.

Kitchen garden well maintained.

In 2015-2016 fiscal year, the land consolidation programme in the district continued to be applied.

The mayor said there was much effort that enabled the district to get good yields especially as a result of land consolidation for maize growing and other crops including beans, banana, rice, soya and cassava.

Land use consolidated for coffee crops.

Also tons of improved seeds were used in last fiscal year and farmers used organic and inorganic fertilizers.

Irrigation has continued to be employed, water pumps were distributed and land on 618ha of Gashora marshland was developed.

Land consolidation of maize crops.
Land use consolidation of cassava plantation.

The mayor said that they want to do professional and modern agriculture in the whole district and embrace irrigation.

“We want to expand modern agriculture for the whole district by using mechanization, apply irrigation reduce relying rain-fed agriculture,” mayor explained.

Electricity and water

Bugesera district mayor said that all sectors have access to electricity and that households are well benefiting from the programme. He said that the district is working hard to distribute electricity to all villages.

Electricity connection.

The seven kilometer of street lights were installed in Nyamata- Ntarama towns.

The district with the  support of WASAC, is striving hard to improve access to clean water by the local population. Kanyonyomba water treatment Plant  -in Gashora Sector- which will provide 2500m3 is under construction and will enable more people access water.


For ensuring improved roads and sustainability, the district targets to rehabilitate roads connecting all the sectors.


“In the 2015-2016 primary leaving examinations, the best student at national level was from Bugesera district, an indicator that education in the district has been strengthened,” says the Mayor.

All government programmes are implemented to promote education for all in Bugesera district.

In a move to improve quality and learning outcomes across primary and secondary schools, the district committed to the reduction of school dropouts, employing such measures as collaboration of local leaders, schools and Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and mobilisataion of the dropouts.

“Although dropout figures in Bugesera indicate small numbers,  we need to see all of them studying and we hope that it will be achieved,” he promised.

Social development and health

For ensuring the increased social protection and wellbeing of people, the district constructed houses for vulnerable  and cows were distributed through Girinka Programme.

The mayor said that the first priority in health sector is disease prevention and embracing life insurance scheme (mutuelle de santé).

In all sectors there are Health Centers that offer medical services to citizens, Nyamata district hospital and some health posts across the district.

“I think nothing can hinder access to medical services as health facilities were established and are operational at all levels. Access roads connecting to health centers or to the health posts are well in place,” mayor said. 

The key potential areas of cooperation

1.  Tourism Development.

-   The District intends to develop tourism activities basing on the available attractive areas and tourism sites.

-   Develop historical places  which are within the District.

-   Most prominent hills of Kabuye (1,772m the highest), Juru(1,667m), Maranyundo (1,614 m), and Mwendo (1575m) are ideal for tourism development in Bugesera District.

2. Promote investment of Fish Farming in nine existing lakes and Fish ponds:

-   Fishing shall be promoted in lakes, rivers and fish farming in ponds to create more off-farm jobs.

-   Bugesera shall develop the largest fishing industry (fish farming, fish catching, fish processing and distribution) and hence, making the district a leader in processing and tinning fish in the sub region.

3.   Water Transport Development.

-   Water transport will be developed on lakes where tourism will be  taking place.

-   Boat sailing, water tours and diving will boost tourism industry along major lakes of Bugesera District. The clear, calm, warm and tideless waters of major lakes in Bugesera District make it a center for recreation and tourism attraction in the Eastern Province.

There are more opportunities including an industrial park which is under construction and an opportunity for investors where local entrepreneurs can as well participate. 

People use biogas for cooking.

The district mayor reminds residents that the government crafts policies for people’s  and development which is why it is setting up different development programmes like VUP and Girinka among others.

“Finally let me ask people to be confident and work hard for a better future,” Nsanzumuhire concludes. 

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