Is there anyone who doesn’t love an award in recognition of their work? Almost no one, so what is going on between Rwandan musicians and organisers of Salax Awards?
Diane Teta pulled out of Salax Awards
Diane Teta pulled out of Salax Awards

What is going on with Salax Awards?

Is there anyone who doesn’t love an award in recognition of their work? Almost no one, so what is going on between Rwandan musicians and organisers of Salax Awards? First, it went on a hiatus to correct the mistakes that they had made for many years but if they thought that musicians were excited to see them back, then maybe they need to think again.


When the list of nominees was released, instead of rushing with excitement to check if they were nominated, most artistes wanted to get off instead. First, Diana Teta pulled out saying that she was not in the country and was busy in Europe preparing for her album launch.


Then King James followed suit, also claiming that he was too busy. Just the other day, Jay Polly, who is also a nominee said that he was surprised to hear that he was on the nomination list yet no one from the Salax Organising Committee had called to inform him.


Just a week ago, singer Austin Luwano, commonly known as Uncle Austin, blasted the organisers of these awards, accusing them of fraudulently awarding musicians, taking bribes and undermining those who don’t support the awards. This is too much drama, what is really going on? We will be watching.

 Bruce Melody cries foul 

Bruce Melody

Bruce Melody, real name Bruce Itahiwacu, may be very good at controlling his vocals but the same can perhaps not be said for his emotions.

If he hadn’t already stunned revelers by walking off the stage in protest after it was announced that he was taking the third place during the recently concluded Primus GumaGuma Super Star competition, the singer took to social media to even show us more about who he really is.

In a short but heavily worded post, Bruce Melody thanked his fans who voted for him and asked them ‘not be surprised because every competition must have some rigging.’

Is Bruce Melody a sour loser? Maybe. Maybe not. We will let you be the judge.

Singer Kidum in death threat 


Burundian silk voiced singer Kidum, real name Jean Pierre Niyimbona, has made a name for himself as one of the region’s most talented artistes, but it seems some people are not interested in his talent.

Well, the singer, who is based in Kenya and has a huge fan base in Rwanda, has been receiving death threats from fellow Burundians, but to the surprise of many, he seems unbothered.

Kidum took to his Facebook page this week to announce his excitement upon having been invited to perform at a trade-fair in his motherland on the invitation of the Kenyan Ambassador to Burundi.

Shockingly though, the singer returned shortly after with chilling news and a warning to those using social media to threaten him with death if he returns to Burundi.

In brief, Kidum said that whoever was hiding behind social media to threaten his life was fighting a losing battle.

He reminded them that he was not a politician and his only passion is music. He told them that he would be hapy to die from his motherland and insisted that there is no one who will ever make him stop making music or performing.

Kidum, who has not stepped in his country for the last two years, arrives in Bujumbura on September. Our prayers are with him.

Christopher celebrates with fans

Muneza Christopher

Christopher Muneza has many things that he can teach us.

One, if you join a competition, remember that you may win or you may not. Whatever comes to you, take it gracefully.

Well, the Kina musician emerged second in the recently concluded Primus Guma Guma Super Star competition and he took it like a champion.

To thank his fans, Christopher is putting up a free show at H- Zone in Gikondo Sector where he will entertain his fans.

On his social media page, Christopher told his fans that they didn’t get what they wanted but they were so close and he was willing to work hard to make the dream come true next year.

If this is not talent itself, what is it? Good luck Christopher.

Balbine is off to Canada

Balbine Umutoni

We probably won’t forget Balbine Umutoni in a very long time; after all, the girl’s confidence is unusual.

First, she contested for Miss Rwanda in 2015, where she emerged 4th Runner Up, not one to give up that fast; she came back this year but went even lower than the first time.

Well, Balbine has found other things to do with her time and will today fly to Toronto, Canada for studies.

Balbine’s move to Canada makes her one of the many former Miss Rwanda members who are no longer living in Rwanda.

They include Grace Bahati (Miss Rwanda 2009), Aurore Mutesi (Miss Rwanda 2012) and Colombe Akiwacu (Miss Rwanda 2014). We can only wish her the best.




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