Songbird Knowless is taken

Some guys just have all the luck, and by ‘some guys’ I of course mean local music producer and entrepreneur Clement Ishimwe.

Some guys just have all the luck, and by ‘some guys’ I of course mean local music producer and entrepreneur Clement Ishimwe.

Until very recently, Ishimwe’s claim to fame used to be the KINA Music label, which he founded and which he still heads and which he is still immensely famous for, by the way. 


But that’s a bit of an old story now, if news seeping in from the Golden Tulip Hotel in Nyamata, Bugesera District is anything to go by. 


As you read this on this day, Sunday August 7, Ishimwe just did something that will likely spawn many ramifications in local showbiz circles. 


He just put a ring on it, and by “it” I mean the fourth finger of the left hand of songbird Knowless Butera. 

And why do I insist in the above paragraph that this otherwise good news is likely to come with some ugly spin-offs in local showbiz circles?

Well, just so you know, it just can’t be business-as-usual when such a talented, intelligent and extremely sexy girl like Knowless Butera gets her ring finger accessorized. 

I have absolutely no doubt in me that in the days ahead, this news will be hard sinking into the heads of many able-bodied young men in Kigali and across the country. Indeed, some of them will now resort to wishful thinking, and cursing the day Clement Ishimwe was born.

They will be desperately in need of knowing why some guys have all the luck. 

Others are going to be suicidal and here the police should act swiftly and make pre-emptive strikes and put out suicide alerts. 

For Knowless, it’s just a continuation of her winning streak that started with scooping the coveted Primus Guma Guma Season 5 last year, which came with a Rwf24 million bounty. 

This year it’s a man-win; a handsome, hardworking, famous and well-groomed dude is all hers for keeps. 

I don’t know her religious affiliations but there is all likelihood that When Jesus says yes, nobody can say no is currently on replay in Knowless’s life. 

What’s really interesting is to know that Clement actually played a very pivotal role in Knowless’s Guma Guma triumph, having crafted the beats to some of her better-loved songs at his Kibagabaga-based KINA Music label. He does not just craft her beats but also doubles as her professional artist manager. 

That said, and as we wrap up this piece, I must say that I now have no doubt left in me about the motivations for some of Knowless’s better-known love ballads;

We’re talking songs like Te Amo, Reka Ngukunde, Peke Yangu, Byarakomeye, and Baramushaka, but more so is Peke Yangu. Who in their right senses can doubt who the intended recipient of Peke Yangu was/is?

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