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Drama over Knowless’ church nuptials Has Jay Polly lost track of music? Sentore pleads with fans DJ Pius’ star is rising Gahongayire is off to Dallas

Drama over Knowless’ church nuptials

If there is something that has excited Kigali people and attracted a lot of drama, it must be Knowless Butera and Clement Ishimwe’s journey to the altar.


First, a first for most Rwandans, no one was allowed entry into their traditional ceremony last weekend, unless they had an invitation card. Just as many musicians, journalists and fans who regarded this as a slap in the face move on, we are told that there is more drama.


We are now told that the couple’s impending Holy Matrimony ceremony is stalling after the Seventh Day Church administration looked in their records for any evidence that these two are members of their church and found none.


At first, rumours were circulating that the church had declined their request because of the alleged Knowless pregnancy, but it has since been established that the biggest issue is the fact that they are not known members of any of the Seventh Day Church branches.

It is also said that the modern couple intended to be joined by a pastor at their reception at Golden Tulip and the church seems to be appalled by the idea.

The couple is said to be frustrated with the hitch and is considering leaving the Holy Matrimony ceremony out and go ahead with their wedding ceremony. The couple is expected to walk down the aisle on September 7.

We will definitely keep you posted.

Has Jay Polly lost track of music?

Jay Polly

Jay Polly has made a name for himself over the years as arguably the most talented hip hop artiste in Rwanda. If most were not sure, winning Primus GumaGuma Super Star Competition Season 4 two years ago cemented his position on the list of the top five Rwandan musicians. So what is happening to this singer?

The singer is unfortunately getting more popular for his petty fights with upcoming artistes than for his music. Jay Polly, who last released his big hit, Deux Fois Deux, in 2013, is now making news for asking Police to intervene in what he claims is fellow hip hop artiste Fireman’s drug problem.

Making comments about Fireman’s (real name Francis Uwimana) new music, Jay Polly, who is said to have been poked in some of the songs, is said to have said that his former colleague is using a drug locally known as Mugo.

The two rappers were both under the ‘Tuff Gangs’ label which successfully churned out hits over the years before some artistes like Bull Dogg and Green P among others broke off this year and have since been in the news for their verbal fights with their former colleague.

Is it time for Jay Polly to refocus his energies back to music? Maybe. We will be watching.

Sentore pleads with fans

Jules Sentore

His passion for traditional music ‘Gakondo’ is public knowledge and if only he can land the Rwf24m that comes with winning Primus GumaGuma Super Star Season 6, Jules Sentore promises that he will never take that opportunity for granted.

The talented singer, who is one of the ten musicians chosen to compete in this year’s competition, started off as a dancer with the national ballet of Rwanda, Urukerereza.

He is said to be determined to walk away with the money so that he can travel all over the country on a mission to make Rwandans appreciate their traditional music.

Sentore, who is a nephew to celebrated folksinger, Intore Masamba, is said to be frustrated that the only time Rwandans sing folksongs is at traditional weddings.

The singer, who has made a name for himself for singing live and mixing languages, has been lucky to be invited to different music festivals all over the world, but will the voters remember all his attributes and vote? Only time will tell.

DJ Pius’ star is rising

DJ Pius

Hard work pays, and if there is anyone who knows this so well, then it must be DJ Pius, real name Rickie Pius Rukabuza.

He started off as a DJ and before long, he was a half of the duo Two4Real which brought us club bangers Ntibyambaho and Muberarugo, among others, before they broke up at the beginning of this year to pursue a solo career.

This year, to the delight of fans of music in Rwanda and Uganda, DJ Pius recorded another hit with East African music star Jose Chameleone called Agatako.

We are now told that the lanky artiste is in studios working on another club hit with Uganda’s dynamic duo Radio and Weasel under the Goodlyfe label.

Is this the beginning of even bigger things for the DJ cum singer? We will keep you posted.

Gahongayire is off to Dallas

Aline Gahongayire

Everything Aline Gahongayire touches turns to gold and music promoters seem to have realised this. The gospel singer, who has been behind plus size countrywide competitions, is heading to the United States where she is expected to sing at the Rwanda Christian Convention in Dallas, Texas.

From Rwanda, Gahongayire will travel with fellow gospel singers; Aime Uwimana and Gaby Kamanzi and will be joined at the convention by Adrien Misigaro and Richard Nick Ngendahayo who are both based in the US.

She is also expected to take advantage of the trip to shoot videos of her songs before returning to Rwanda on an unexpected date. The convention will focus on unity and reconciliation and is expected to bring together Rwandans in the Diaspora.

The event, which was last held in Chicago last year, is organised with support from the Rwandan Embassy in the US.

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