Rusesabagina’s fake personality, callous motives increasingly getting known

Let us first say that we actually expected this to happen. What surprises us rather is that this has taken such a long time for people to come out and challenge him.

Let us first say that we actually expected this to happen. What surprises us rather is that this has taken such a long time for people to come out and challenge him.

The man needs to be pushed into his last retrenchments to reveal who he really is and his hidden ambitions. And quite appropriately this is what started happening lately as groups of people and individuals on their own have now decided not to leave the ground to the Hollywood so called hero and his cohorts of negationists/revisionists.

Already a few weeks back, we informed our readers that “A group of Emory faculty members who at the time denied him opportunity to speak unopposed at State of Race last October was planning to organize a follow-up event to present other views on the Rwandan Genocide” because “their goals concerning the panel discussion include dispelling the myths around Rusesabagina and raising awareness that the criminals responsible for the genocide are still at large in countries including the United States.”

The event did actually take place on Tuesday 27 November and its general conclusion was that “the way Rusesabagina distributes blame for the Genocide exacerbates ethnic divisions and hinders the capture of planners and organisers of the 1994 Genocide. Genocide survivor Egide Karuranga, who took refuge in Rusesabagina’s Milles Collines hotel and was among the participants in the discussion, said he would be “surprised if more than five percent of the people who stayed in the hotel would say Rusesabagina had saved them”.

This is definitely not new to anyone who has been reading this column these last months. We never ceased to expose how much of a liar Rusesabagina is when he tries to portray himself as a saviour of some at the Mille Colline Hotel. The former hotel manager treated the few survivors who sought refuge in Hotel des Mille Collines as sources of funds through extortion practices and even betrayed some who dared move out of the hotel protected by the UN Force, by exposing them to notorious Radio RTLM.

This extortion was ironically executed against these poor refugees despite formal interdiction by his bosses and he used to do so by cynically threatening to send them to the killers, a capacity he without a doubt had.

One recalls of course how he dodged and finally refused to appear in a talk show on a local broadcaster CFM for fear of being exposed. Several people and most of all those who had survived in the hotel were expecting to challenge him live on his pretentious myth he had been selling all around as being a saviour of Tutsis in the 1994 Genocide.

Many have wished he could hold a debate on at least one of the local radios and CFM invited him several times but the man has remained dumb. He only accepts to talk to well selected unsuspecting audiences or exclusive clubs of negationists/genocidiares as in his recent meeting in Brussels.

A witness to the venue confirms what we told you last week about who could and who could not be allowed in the conference room while disclosing a few more interesting details. Indeed we had talked of a list of about 20 people who were unacceptable according to the conference organizers’ criteria, but it seems the selection criteria were numerous as we are told that in actual fact, on the list of the unwanted were: all the Tutsis living in Brussels except Deo Mushayidi, a certain Murebwayire Agnes.

Security was exclusively managed by members of negationist associations Inzukira and COSAR. The list is of unwanted is said to have been long as it had to comprise also all Hutus who do not share HHRR’s ideology, and even MDR members! Considering the system of selecting and excluding some from participating in a conference unconvincingly called for “Truth and Reconciliation”, coupled with Rusesabagina’s recent utterances, one is justified to conclude that the fake humanitarian is in his fourth gear trying to revive the infamous “Hutu Power” of Rwanda’s darkest days.

This he better forget, not in the Rwanda of today, probably in his own found Rwanda where he is!
Our witness who managed to sneak into this closed fraternity was mesmerized when “Rusesabagina affirmed that no one will be able to erase ethnic identities in Rwanda, that the Tutsis reigned before and after the colonization and continue to do so until now.

That the RPF slaughtered the Hutus (Nyungwe and Kibeho), that Rwanda is the country that has the greatest number of prisoners in the world (forgetting that, even if it was so except it is not, they are all Genocide suspects or convicts) and that it is why a round table is necessary to learn reconciliation…” with his friend Robert Philiport echoing him saying that “genocidaires Munyaneza and Léon Mugesera are innocent victims of winners’ justice…”
And when the loose coalition of the United Democratic Forces (UDF-Inkingi) , the Intwari-Partnership and the Party for Democracy in Rwanda (PDR-Ihumure) created after the conference, issued a communiqué stating that “The presence of Rwandan armed groups in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is the consequence rather than the cause of instability and insecurity in the region. Instead, the Kigali regime’s lack of vital political space poses a threat against peace and security in the region.

The impunity of crimes against humanity committed by members of the RPF government combined with the lack of an open space for political, legal and peaceful debate in Rwanda (leaving no option but armed struggle for the opposition) are a source of insecurity and instability in Rwanda and the Great Lakes region of Africa. In this respect, we condemn unreservedly the presence of the Rwandan army in the DRC under the cover of the CNDP of Brigadier General Laurent Nkundabatware…”

This is what another concerned Rwandan had to say: “…This is rather nonsense and lack of substantiated reason of your existence.

The FDLR is no political party but rather amalgamation of 1994 Genocide perpetrators who are at any time ready to come and exterminate those who survived.

Their existence in DRC is for nothing other than terrorising the population. They have no cause whatsoever to fight in the Congo; they should rather come back as some of their colleagues wisely did. As for Nkunda, he has a concrete reason of fighting for his country than these killers have.

Rwanda is Rwanda and DRC is DRC each should devise means of solving its problems without unleashing the blame on the other. If your reason of existence is based on FDLR,  your interest could be interchangeable to those of FDLR who should be given no due regard other than forcefully be flushed out of the DRC to give peace to the GLR…”

Interestingly for Rusesabagina, however, whereas he in his Hotel Rwanda movie correctly portrays these EXFAR/ INTERAHAMWE/FDLR as the perpetuators of the Genocide he is now a mouthpiece for this force as confirmed by the communiqué that he is part of. 

The two-tongued man that is only motivated by money and lately political power in the hope that it earns him more of what he did not get out of trading in Genocide-related lies, is gradually getting known in his true colors.   


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