Security key to bringing major events to Rwanda

Editor, RE: “The WEF and how Rwanda struggled to do better” (The New Times, May 15).


RE:The WEF and how Rwanda struggled to do better” (The New Times, May 15).

The author overlooked one condition that makes all the rest possible: security. Without security, and the deserved reputation of assured delegate/participant safety that goes with it, Rwanda, situated in the very heart of ‘darkest’ Africa, would really struggle to convince anyone that it is a worthwhile venue for any major event.

Throw in a hustle-free approach to visa issuance and you have the most critical ingredients to turn the country into the convention-organizer’s dream destination.

By the way, a lot of people have tended to focus exclusively on the excellent discussions in the public sessions and associated side events at the WEF as a measure of its success.

As important as these are, the even more valuable processes of WEF meetings are what take place behind the scenes, the deals, negotiations and interactions with global movers and shakers that never get into media reports.

Here is hoping that Rwandan officials and businessmen and women were able to use this occasion to close or discuss deals with such global actors which will bring future benefits to our country and the region.

Mwene Kalinda