A Trump presidency would be good for American businesses

Dear editor, RE: His Excellency Donald Trump? (The New Times, April 24)

Dear editor,

RE: His Excellency Donald Trump? (The New Times, April 24)


This is an interesting view on the American political system. We should first agree that the American governance system is robust, tested and probably one of the best in the world.


Where in the first world, the son of a black African would take on the highest office in the land not only for one term but for two consecutive terms? Nowhere else! Not in Europe, Canada, Japan, Australia or China.


Second, let us not be fooled, no one can assume that office if they are not rich or at least can raise considerable amount of money through strong networks. So the process is not rigged.

You just need to have a combination of ideals and deep pockets otherwise don't even try. Back to Mr Trump, he's bringing something refreshing in politics: new ideas and he believes in them.

That's why he can mobilise masses. Americans want a leader who can make decisions or at least appear to do so. Mr Trump is portrayed as such, the caucasian alpha male, and it resonates well with a sizable portion of the population.

The good news is that there are many checks and balances in the US political system, half of the things Mr Trump is saying while campaigning he would not be able to do, especially if he doesn't control the Congress or the Senate.

Plus their legal system is very sophisticated and complex.

And voting Mr Trump into office would be good for American businesses which would have a ripple effect on the global economy. He has been very successful in business after all.


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