Good customer care will spur tourism growth

Editor, RE: “Lessons from Kenya’s tourism body”(The New Times, April 19).


RE:Lessons from Kenya’s tourism body”(The New Times, April 19).


It was wonderful to read Sandra Idossou’s article. I couldn’t agree more with the contents and suggestions so well and so explicitly spelt out by Ms. Idossou.


Effective tourism marketing and superior customer service are essential to truly make Rwanda a MICE hub.
As mentioned in the article, “professionalism and effectiveness in organizing familiarization tours” is a key element in the tourism marketing process.


It is a common courtesy to respond to mails. Deleting mails without actually reading them or for that matter just not responding to mails, however busy one might be, reflects very poorly on any organisation.

Also very important is to respect and appreciate the “internal customer”—consultants, employees, sales and marketing associates.

Rwanda might have many unique selling propositions—safety, security, cleanliness and many more, however as mentioned, “we urgently need solutions, systems, procedures, standards, skilled staff and even sanctions”.

We could do very well by emulating Fiona Ngesa, Assistant Regional Marketing Manager at the Kenya Tourist Board, in our quest for excellence.

Clarence Fernandes

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