Taxi-motos not above traffic rules

Editor, RE: “Who will tame Kigali's errant motorists?” (The New Times, March 20).


RE:Who will tame Kigali's errant motorists?” (The New Times, March 20).


I'm glad somebody has finally brought this up; I call the motorists of Kigali “the untouchables” because they will jump a stop light right in front of traffic police, won't stop at zebra crossing even when other vehicles have, ride on the pavement, stop abruptly in the middle of the road, chat on the phone whilst carrying passengers, use old and battered helmets which can barely fit your head later on protect you, and simply get away with it.


According to government’s own statistics, there are more moto accidents than car accidents in Kigali and I'm afraid this is not going to change anytime soon.


Traffic laws are clear in Rwanda; they just have to be implemented for all our sakes. I for one can't live without taxi-motos but I say a little prayer before I jump on one every time; I know far too many unfortunate individuals that have discovered how knees and ankles don't gel well with tarmac.


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